Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ronnie's racing bike and Stephen's lap top are in their hands

Ronnie Mibiru Jarsen is equipped to represent in CC Hackney in Uganda. The consignment arrived in Kampala last week and our contacts there are very happy to receive such support.
A special race is being planned to mark the delivery, here is an extract taken from an email from our good fellow Stephen Okellow (Cycling Uganda & Lira CC):

1st August 2011

Hullo Keir,

Hope you are fine, since the last meeting with Ronnie, that is the day we assembled the bike and even before the Tifosi Road bike reached together with other things: Ronnie suggested that he is organising a simple race of about 20 participants of the people he rides the bike with in that Salama Road area of his (the place where he comes from). And it is on this day that after the race we shall officially hand him the bike and also show the people of the works of Cycling Uganda in the country and those who did not know will also know about us on that day. 
However, the race will only involve Tipper bikes and mounted bikes only, the race of mainly the disadvantaged group of cyclists. There after, i will give a speech on CU hand him the bike, the CCH kit and also the other stuff. So know the question comes, how do you see that idea, is it fine with you?


Yes Stephen - this is fine with me, keep doing what ya doing. 

Greetings to you and Ronnie from all at CCH.



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