Wednesday 27 November 2013

CCH - Cross Crazy Hackney - a round up of the cross season so far.

You don't have to be crazy to race cross - but it helps ...
 Nearly advent and the cyclocross season has passed its half way mark and we've not blogged on it at all this year - so this is a way of making amends. CCH riders from all categories have been battling it out in the Eastern and London Cyclocross Leagues, mainly the Eastern.

... You do have to do a lot of running ...
 If you don't quite know what this entails here's a quick guide to cross racing CCH style -
You need a bike - you won't always be on it - or even able to stay on it -  a cross bike or an mtb will do - weight can be a factor if you have to carry it for a lap or so.
Mass start - up to 80 riders all start at once - with faster riders gridded at the front depending on previous results - and good looks sometimes.
Charge! Once the commissaire says go - you go - and don't stop until the chequered flag. Sounds easy eh? Well when you get to the first corner or obstacle the course usually narrows to the width of two or three bikes so that start is vital if you don't want to hang around in a bottleneck.

... Occasionally you can ride your bike....
 The course - this can vary but can involve some if not all of the following surfaces - grass, mud, tarmac, sand, short grass, long grass, slippy mud, sticky mud, deep sand, broken tarmac, gravel, tree roots, leaves, nettles, acorns, rabbit holes, water, ice, snow.
.. just not on that smooth bit of tarmac though...
 The course can be flat, hilly, some very steep short hills, bumpy, lumpy and generally torture. You will have to race from anything between 15 minutes for Youth C and under to an hour for seniors and with laps averaging around 8 minutes you get to revisit the scene of your latest crash many times in a race.
.. it's not cross dressing - it's Cross...

Kit - of course you'll be wearing CCH kit but you may need to add extras such as gloves, scarves and tights - see above. If it all sounds pretty easy and a laugh - you'd be right - it is easy to get involved and catch the cross bug - ask this season's newcomers - Mike Mooney, Dave Carr, Tom Lloyd, Molly Gregory and Judith Phillips, - and we do have a great laugh doing it. However it is racing and we want to do our best for Hackney.
.... concentration is vital if...
 Currently CCH are sitting in 9th position in the Eastern league out of 27 teams competing. The following riders are all giving it their best effort - Molly Gregory - best result so far 2nd under 8 girl currently 4th in league; Stanley Boyd - best result 2nd U10 boy - currently 3rd; Harry Gregory - best 10th U12 boys -  currently 16th: Molly Lloyd best 3rd U14 girl - currently 6th; Louis Byrne - best 33rd U14 boys - currently 24th; Artie O'Regan - best 30th U14 - currently -22nd; Frank Ramsay - best 21st U14 - currently 20th: Logan de Monchaux-Irons - best 6th U14 boy - currently 11th; Frank Moore - best 2nd U14 - currently 2nd; Ned O'Regan - best 4th U16 - currently - 7th; Mike Mooney best 40th E vet currently 57th: Gary Boyd - best 61st vet 45-9 currently 65th; Neil Irons best 25th vet 45-9 currently 44th;  Dave Carr - best 24th vet 50 - currently - 57th; Harry Moore best 26th vet 50 - currently - 21st.
... you want to be star of the season - so far...

So thats what we've been up to - if you want to join us we train on Hackney Downs Tuesday nights - 6pm at the club till 7.30. Coming up we will be running a series of Go-Ride cross races for all those youth riders who have never given it a go yet - these are planned for the 22nd of December, 8th and 22nd of February. These will be on Saturday mornings instead of youth training. Medals and prizes await those who want to test themselves against the mud. Details to follow.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

2014 TdF - a Tourist's bottle throw away from Hackney

It's official; the 2014 Tour de France stage three run in is on our roads and so close to home - oh my gosh
More information and links for all three 'Grand Depart' stages next summer can be found here.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

CC Hackney kit & membership now available on-line

Please note the images are are not the new issue kit as we don't have it yet. 
There may be logo changes and a slight design/colour variation.

Club kit and membership is now available on-line here

Buyers best not delay for too long as our current order will be going out soon.

When you place an order for kit it is added to a group order and then these will be sent to our supplier once sufficient numbers are reached. We will aim to place orders quarterly throughout the year. 

Wednesday 6 November 2013

CCH riders complete Cycle maintenance course.

Frank Bede and Logan with their certificates plus Keir standing in for Isaac.

A few weeks ago me (Isaac), Bede, Logan and Frank attended a bike maintenance course at Cycle Systems in Islington where we learned key basic skills including how to repair punctures and setting up and adjusting gears, cables and brakes. We could work on bikes provided by Cycle Systems or our own bikes. The day started off with a very thorough M-check which covered the basic M-check but in much more detail. With M Checks complete we learnt about punctures and how to fix and replace inner tubes a skill we perfected with some practice. We then shifted our focus to brakes and were taught how to replace brake shoes and brake blocks which led us up to lunch. We followed lunch perfecting the skills we learned setting up brakes correctly. These skills took some of us a while to master! We spent the remainder of the day's course adjusting gears and gear cables.

This course really helped build my confidence with bike mechanics and I'm sure the same goes for everyone else who took the course. Thank you to Cycle Systems and Interlinkx for giving us this fantastic opportunity.


There may be more opportunities coming up for our youth riders to take part in a maintenance course - let the coaches know if you are interested.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Safer cycling in Hackney - it didn't just happen

Time to appreciate the great work done by Hackney Cycling Campaign (HCC) to improve conditions for cyclists in the borough. HCC has been around for a good while longer that Cycling Club Hackney (CCH) which btw, is why our club was named in this way.

Have you ever tackled ye olde Old Street round about in anything other than an armoured car? Fancy a change (?) then how about this proposal from the team at HCC; go here

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