Wednesday 3 July 2024

London Youth Games 2024

Saturday 29th June saw the final festival events of the London Youth Games take place at the QE Olympic Park. A very young team of riders represented Hackney in the road cycling event at the velopark. Some shifting of gym equipment to the circuit side by venue led to a bit of chaos at the start of the day with all the teams and riders queing outside  in the hot sun for ages whilst the team managers struggled to sign the teams in. This was then followed by an hours delay as the organisers had managed to mix up names times and boroughs in the riders packs. They were giving out more chips than you see at a Belgian cyclocross race. Eventually things got under way in perfect conditions for the time trials.

Arthur started things off with a pb of  9min' 55secs for the four lap individual time trial.

Next up was Giacomo with time of 10:07.

Tommy set a time of 11.38 for the four laps.

First up for the AB girls was Tess
setting a time of 11mins 24 secs.
Next for the girls was Charlie with time of 12:05.

Last to go for the AB girls for Hackney
was Poppy with a time of 11:51.

First up for the CDE boys was Ben finishing the two lap
time trial in 6mins 25 secs.

Alex went next setting a time of 6:33.

Isaac finished the CDE tt for the boys in 6:18.

Harry also set a great time of   6:18, and Gee came in at 7:01.

The CDE girls went next with Erin finishing at 7:52.

Ruby led home the CDE girls in7:09 followed by at Une 7:40 and at Pearl- 8:08.

The AB girls circuit race split up into groups quickly with the
 Hackney riders Poppy and Charlie finding themselves in the 
second group they held on in there 
to finish 12th and 14th respectively.

The boys AB circuit race was a fast affair with both Arthur and Giacomo sticking in the main bunch - Giacomo had to chase at one point after losing his chain they finished in 15th and 16th

After all the dust had settled the Hackney team placed 5th out of all the boroughs overall - a great result for such a young team - this all helped Hackney  finish the Youth Games overall in 3rd place in London and 1st place in the Inner London Trophy.

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