Thursday 28 June 2012

Tao selected by British Cycling for the European Track Championships

 CC Hackney's Tao Geoghegan Hart.

gogo Tao

Great Britain Cycling Team for the 2012 Under 23 UEC European Track Championships
U23 Sprint
Peter Mitchell
Callum Skinner
Kian Emadi
Rebecca James
Victoria Williamson
Junior Sprint
Matt Rotherham
Danielle Khan
Junior Endurance
Jonathan Dibben
Sam Lowe
Chris Latham
Tao Geoghegan Hart
Lucy Garner
Elinor Barker
Amy Roberts

The final trial for the 2012 London Youth Games

Some of Hackney's youth racing cyclists during last Saturday's trial for the 
2012 London Youth Games


Wednesday 20 June 2012

Hackney Cycling Squad - final trial London Youth Games 2012

This Saturday morning 23rd June, the Hackney Cycling Squad are up at Hog Hill for the final selection trial for the London Youth Games 2012. All eligible riders are welcome, anyone being under 18 and over 12 years of age and either living or studying in Hackney. See contact and consent form link in the 'Who we are' section. The session is between 9am & 10am and is a straight time trial, two laps of the full circuit. A group will be leaving CCH HQ (6 Olympus Sq E5 8PL) from 8am - please check that your bike and ya'self are in good working order before heading out.
Our coaching and support staff (Keir, Harry, Anna, Neil & Andy) wish all taking part; courage, great speed and enjoyment. Above all though, we're looking for teamwork and unity on the way to our best possible performance on the day. London Youth Games Saturday 30th June 2012 - at Crystal Palace unless otherwise informed.

Monday 18 June 2012

Brixton CC invite CC Hackney to a race...

Race alert, see the direct invite from Brixton CC below. Thanks for the heads up Judith.
"Hope to see y'all there as we need more riders so 
at present there's a good pot of cash to give 
away! (And a fair few regular youth riders at 
road nationals!)
Sunday 24th June Brixton Cycles Super Madison 
Track Meet. The sunniest  track event in London.
At Herne Hill Velodrome from 12-5pm
With Rollapaluza for kids and adults. Beer tent, 
BBQ jerk chicken  veggie kebabs rice and peas.
 We will be sharing the love for Rob Jefferies and 
his favourite commisaire  Ron Beckett.
There's a big Rob book - if you have any photos or 
stuff you'd like to share with Robs family please 
donate. All his family will be there and we even 
have a new Madison trophy crafted by the big 
fella for the 42 lap  Brixton CC Supermadison.
Support your grass roots  track cyclists and 
enjoy some superb racing - to include The Ron 
Beckett Double Harness Madison Pursuit."
More info and full race card at
Judith 07837 718040.

You can also find the race card here.


Kate leading out Sophie

Do you want to know what Velojam is, was or was like? Well I’ll tell you -  it IS a female track race day at Herne Hill Velodrome, it WAS stupendously fun and WAS excellently run by Mule Bar girls, Wiesia Kuczaj at the helm, and proudly sponsored by Ana Nichoola among others. In short, some motivated people got off their royally trained behinds and said STOP there IS a need for a dedicated female track race day and got it sorted - massive kudos from so many cyclists, cycle industry and beyond for this. Watch the event grow and grow.
Now onto the main event itself. After a Friday Metro Headline:
3 Months Worth of Rain Over The Weekend
I was worried about the conditions, especially after so much work had been put in. But the sun shone - HA! I hate the Metro anyway - and 50-70 girls and women turned up to pedal hard and either blast the competition or see how they faired in their first track race experience. There were 3 categories, A, B and Go Ride! (Novice). I entered as part of the latter category with other ladies who had mostly attended some of the Mule Bar Girl training sessions. Again, brilliant initiative which is actively growing the women entering the sport and with confidence. You can still come along for £6, including hire of a track bike on Sunday’s - check updates here. See the same link for chaingang training which takes place Monday’s in Regent’s park. Both are dedicated women sessions). 
Most of us had not raced on the track before and so were a little nervous. The grouping was done excellently though and so the competition was fierce, and after an unexpected ‘lively’ night previous seeing my friends band over from Berlin I had to adopt my best race face to get through the day! There were a series of races (scratch, points, 2-lap dash) in the omnium and then an extra scratch just to ensure your legs were totally reduced to jelly by the end of the day! Kate and I represented for Cycling Club Hackney (sign up now ladies its awesome!) and came 3rd and 7th out of 17 respectively. Not bad for a first attempt; we’re coming back for more next time! 
Sophie's charge for the line
Well done to everyone who competed, came and watched and were involved - an important event which was EXCELLENT fun! 
Words and pics - Sophie

Friday 15 June 2012

CCH at Herne Hill

On June 10th Sunday evening there was a club training session at Herne Hill Velodrome!
It was a training session for people who like velodrome or just wanted to try it out.   It was a great show of enthusiasm from CCH cyclists with 25 or so riders turning up including a couple of parents too.
Sadly it started to rain before we got on the track so we all knew by the end of this we were all going to be soaked but at least we got to stay on and race!
 Firstly we were split up into three groups. Two groups, which had people who had never been on a velodrome and had to do an induction course and one which had been on a velodrome before.
The group that had already done their induction before -Frank, Logan, Isaac, Alex and Louis - went around the velodrome doing lap changes and other team pursuit training with Gary while the induction course was on. This lasted for about an hour. At the same time, a group of about 12 of the younger riders did the induction training and some of the adults were also getting velodrome experience.
After that we were divided into four teams to do the Italian pursuit. The Italian pursuit is where there are two teams racing starting half a lap away from each other. In each team there was about five people so there was five laps, because the person on the front does one lap, the second does two, etc, and when it gets to the last person who has done  five laps with the first  back to where they started wins!  
There were two heats. The first race was a very close finish but team two just made it to the finish before team one!  The next race was team three and four. Team four got off to a good start but unluckily they didn’t keep their pace and got beaten by group three.
The two winning teams went through to the finals of the Italian pursuit. Both of the teams where doing exceptionally well but team three won! Team three was Justin, Harry, Kai, Louis and Eliot (Justin was the secret weapon) but everyone worked hard and the new riders did very well too!
By the end of all of it  all everyone was drenched by the rain but soon we were all in our cars ready to leave! It was a great evenings cycling and everyone had fun and all the new CCH riders at the session received their induction certificate.
By Louis Byrne

Tuesday 12 June 2012

North West International Youth Tour report

Desperate attempts to dry kit

Last Friday saw me pack my cycling clothes and head off up north for the international youth tour of the North West. A five-hour journey with many slow points through traffic; when we finally reached the campsite I sat there and watched my dad struggle to put up the tent. I ate then, after some joking around with Ned, off to bed

Artie in the rain
Stage 1: I got up at seven with an hour to have breakfast and get ready for racing. At eight we headed off to the UClan sports arena in Preston. After parking the car on a grass verge at the edge of the car park we went to find space near the circuit. Now it was time to get on the bike and recce the course. Then race time a fast five-lap crit I sat in the back of the peleton not really doing much. Finished on the same time as the overall leader.

Mostyn and Ned
Stage 2: After that first short stage it was onto the rollers and drinking a bottle of rego recovery. After a short warm down I had a large pot of pasta (thanks mum). Then it was back onto the rollers to warm up for the twenty lap second stage. Onto the start line (with a lot of jostling). After three laps of the race the rain started to come down. Then after thirteen laps a massive crash went down and I had to resort to my cyclocross skills and fly up the grass verge. When we got to the start Finish line we were stopped and taken of the course to allow an ambulance to collect an injured rider. We got back under way again. I, with tired legs, finished in the group on the same time as the leader.

Stage 3: RAIN!!! That is the first thing to say about this stage. Luckily this course was a simple up and back. Ned and I managed to find a small space covered by an awning. On this stage I again sat on the back of the group. There was a massive slip in the middle and a crash that I missed, this time we did not have to stop (however I think Ned was not as lucky as me). Again I rolled through the line in the group.

Artie enjoying the wet conditions
Stage 4: This time we went the other way round. I rode in the back third of the group not being able to move up any further. There is not much to say about this stage one minor crash with one person going down, another sprint finish rolling through in the bunch. Overall 23 seconds down.

Stage 5: I started the stage in the group and over the first six laps it was whittled down to twenty riders and then a massive attack went from the overall race winner Dan Tullet I got distanced into a small group of four. I attacked and got away with one other we rode the rest of the stage together until in the end I won the sprint on the line for 38th on the stage. Taking 35th on the overall.

I would like to say a big thank you to CDNW for a great event.
Artie lining up on Blackpool seafront

Words - Mostyn Taylor Crokett
Photos - Andy

Monday 4 June 2012

Sunday 10th June - CCH heading down to Herne Hill Velodrome

All members and guests are welcome to join in the time we have booked at Herne Hill Velodrome (HHV) this coming Sunday 10th June. 6-8pm, this session will serve as an induction for those unfamiliar with fixed wheel riding at HHV and as a training opportunity for members who know already what and what not to do out on the track. Expect simulated races and the usual buzz of hacking around on the excellent new tarmac surface they have there.
A number of our club track bikes will be available as well as those belonging to HHV. The session will be run by our in house qualified L2 track coaches; Keir Apperley, Neil Irons and Harry Moore. 
Please arrange to be on site for 5.30pm at the latest, this is in time to get ready and warm up before the woman's training session finishes at 6pm. (CCH women could join in this one as well btw) Youth riders will take up the early part of the session to allow time to get home earlier ahead of school on Monday, with a tale to tell...
A convoy of vehicles should be going - drivers keep each other posted 

Fingers crossed for a rain free evening.

Fee - £2.99p 

An historic picture; sprint riders prepare to go, way back at HHV

Gripping and inviting, the new tarmac surface.

Team Great Britain cycling at Herne Hill Velodrome during the 1948 London Olympics

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