Friday 21 February 2014

A great season draws to a muddy finish for CCH cross riders

Where's Harry competition at Mistley

CCH cyclocross riders saved some of their best for last after a long season with a great 2nd place in the Youth team championships for Ned, Frank and Logan - they would have won apart from some confusing rulings still a podium is a podium as they say in Belgium?

Ned leads the way..

.. as Frank follows in the team champs at Mistley

.. followed by Logan in the technical wooded section..
Way back in September few of us would have predicted the results that were to follow with the youth riders in particular putting in some cracking performances. Now lots of people in the cycling world think only of Cross as a means to keep a pro' road racers legs turning over in winter and lets face it - it never did Bernard Hinault any harm and the current World Cyclocross champ Sydnek Stybar is now back in his day job with Quick Step finishing in 6th place in todays stage of the Tour of Oman. However these days Cyclocross is one of the fastest growing disciplines under the UCI umbrella and discussions are under way to get it into future Winter Olympics. So its no bad thing for young riders to get into - now I know its a pain having to clean your bike after a cross race - Bethlem Hospital springs to mind as a particular bit of mud I'm glad I'm not seeing any time soon - however you should be giving your bike a clean every time you come back from a ride anyway so what's a few spots of mud? And for adults too its a great way into cycle sport with the wide range of age groups you'll slot in somewhere and rekindle the joy you first felt riding a bike. This season we had newcomers Dave, Tom, Mike and Judith in the adults and Hal and Molly in the youth - ask any of them what they think of it and you'd probably be thinking they've been at it for years - it gets under your skin pretty quickly.
Molly at Mistley

Frank Ramsay at the team champs

Artie negotiating a rise at Mistley

Now there were many fine performances throughout so I won't go into them all but those that stand out - Molly Lloyd's 3rd place at the Eastern Champs in Ipswich - so what if the girl's field wasn't massive - she turned up and battled for a podium spot; Frank and Logan getting 1st and 3rd at Bury - Frank was always in or about the podium spots throughout the year so a first place was deserved and two CCH riders up there was icing on the cake; Stanley Boyd's 1st place at Broome Heath - again Stanley was contesting for podium spots all season; Molly Gregory's 2nd place in the same race was just reward for trailing round in her first season; her brother Harry's ride at the Eastern champs showed what he can be capable of; Artie's strong showing at Basildon; Ned in Letchworth; Judith taking on the eastern champs in her 1st ever cross race.
However the bravest  performance if not the best goes to Stanley in the last race of the year at Bury - he only needed to stay in front of his two closest rivals or finish next to them to clinch 3rd spot in the league. Stanley lead from the start for the first couple of laps then had a crash eventually finishing in 8th spot, meaning he'd dropped to 5th overall in the league by a single point. His explanation after the race - "I was going for the win" says it all.

Brown envelopes  = cash
Rider of the year - well it was a tough one - if you look at the stats Stan scored the most points followed by Andy then Ned, Frank had most podium spots and was certainly revelation of the season - but it has to go to Molly Gregory racing in the under 8's on a heavy mountain bike, mixed in with the under 10's, being spat out the back but having the time of her life and what's more her points were vital to the team scoring 10th overall - so well done Molly you showed us all the line to take.

You too can have legs like these...

Final placings in the Eastern league for CCH riders were as follows - Judith Philips- 9th women, Andy O'Regan- 2nd Vets 50, Harry Moore - 12th Vets 50, Dave Carr 19th - Vets 50, Neil Irons 20th - Vets 45-49, Gary Boyd 37th - Vets 45-49, Tom Lloyd also raced vets but didn't join league, Ned O'Regan 10th - Youth U16, Frank Moore 2nd - Youth U14, Logan de Monchaux-Irons 9th - Youth U14, Artie O'Regan 20th - Youth U14, Frank Ramsay 22nd -Youth U14, Louis Byrne 25th - Youth U14, Hal Crampin 30th -Youth U14, Molly Lloyd 5th - Youth U14G, Harry Gregory 12th - Youth U12, Stanley Boyd 5th -Youth U10th, Molly Gregory 3rd - Youth U8. other riders that raced - Alessandro and Serafino Sella, Mike Mooney.

CCH finished 10th in the Eastern league on 690 points.

In the London league where we all did a lot less racing -  vets- Neil - 71st, Dave - 73rd, Harry - 84th, youth - Frank -18th, Ned 35th, Logan 21st, Louis - 39th, Hal - 79th, Artie 37th, Harry G 47th, Stan - 60th, Molly G -114th.

Other results below -

British National Championship (Derby)

Andy O’Regan    V50            33rd
Harry Moore       V50            61st
Gary Boyd          V45            DNF (punctured)
Ned O’Regan      U16            59th
Frank Moore       U14            DNF (Shoe failure!)
Molly Lloyd        U14G         20th

Eastern Regional Championship - Ipswich

Andy O’Regan                         V50                        33rd
Harry Moore                             V50                        20th
Gary Boyd                                V45                        69th
Dave Carr                                 V50                        29th
Neil Irons                                  V45                        57th
Judith Philip                              Women                   17th
(all Youths together)
Logan de Monchaux-Irons        U14                        26th
Frank Moore                              U14                        15th
Molly Lloyd                               U14G                     3rd

National Trophy – Milton Keynes

Andy O’Regan                          V50                         18th
Harry Moore                              V50                        35th
Ned O’Regan                             U16                        44th
Artie O’Regan                            U14                        38th
Frank Moore                              U14                        DNF (Crashed final bend!)

Friday 7 February 2014

Supporters evening - Tuesday 25th February 2014

Since starting out CC Hackney has aimed to grow without over reaching in it's ability to deliver. Fortunately the club has had a core group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who have been helping with organisation and administration in their spare time. However there are existing aspects that CC Hackney need to develop and improve on as well as new roles to play and challenges to meet as we move onwards.  
CCH is a club to be proud of but we are creaking (a bit) as our membership rises. We could do with more of our number to come forward to help out - we know we have blessed people on side who have diverse skills and expertise. It could be dealing with potential sponsors, organising social events, delivering club kit to local members, office administration, editing a promo clip, helping to steward our races & events, doing some bike maintenance, coaching support, designing fliers, fund-raising, laminating membership name it.

Calling members who have something to offer their club; a commitment to a period of time in which to achieve specific goals or just generally for the cause.  

Tuesday 25th February 2014

From 7.00pm 

At Palm 2 Cafe

1st Floor Regal House (by Clapton Pond)
156 Lower Clapton Road
London E5 

Tuesday 4 February 2014

CCH at the VeloPark - it starts this Spring

We're very pleased to announce that Cycling Club Hackney has been allotted three regular sessions at the Lee Valley VeloPark starting this April.

The regular sessions will be:
  • Indoor track: every other Tuesday evening 7-9:30pm (starting April 1st or 8th TBC)
  • Road circuit: every Thursday evening 7-9pm (starting 3rd April)
  • Road circuit: every Saturday morning 9:30-11:30am (starting Saturday 5th April)
Additionally we have secured the indoor track for day two of our CCH Track Weekender on Sunday 8th June, 1pm - 5.30pm. (Saturday 7th's meet will be at the Herne Hill Velodrome 1pm - 6pm).

We've been keeping a close eye on developments in this part of the world since London's Eastway cycle circuit was closed back in 2006 to make way for the 2012 Olympic Games. The London Legacy Development Corporation has been working since the end of the games to get the whole Queen Elizabeth Park open. The highlight of all this work for us will be the opening of the VeloPark for public use this March.

For these sessions and CC Hackney's year-round events to run well, the club is calling for supporters and helpers to join us with planning and delivery. A meeting to address this need is being planned for late February. An announcement of place and time will be made shortly. Exciting times ahead!

London Velodrome February 2012
Eastway 1984

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