Friday 23 June 2017

LYG squad get ready for Saturday

The squad members relax in the garden after their meeting at Elsdale
This Saturday 24th June is the Cycling event for this years London Youth Games at Lea Valley Velopark. Once again CCH have helped put together a strong team of riders to represent the London borough of Hackney for the road events. Good show and well done to their counterparts for their recent team third place in the BMX event, let's see if Hackney's road team can go even better. If you want to go down and check out the action its on all day from 9am-5pm with U16 TT in the morning followed by U12 TT in afternoon then the circuit races.

Thursday 1 June 2017

View From Inside the Race

CCH Primavera Circuit Series 2017 - 4 
27.05.17 - Cat 4 race

Primavera 4 and the Category 4 race starts to heat up...

This was my second race this season, the first being the third race of the series a fortnight ago. I was a bag of nerves before that race a couple of weeks ago, but today I was relaxed and calm yet focussed. Matt Hardcastle and I had decided, in one of our many pre-race chats/post-race post-mortems, to try and stay among the first four riders. This way we could stay out of trouble (being in the middle of the bunch in a cat 4 race can be a very twitchy experience given some of the novice riders!) and try and instigate the chase down of any breakaways. A two man break succeeded in the previous race because no one wanted to commit to a chase; who would? 
Breakaways never work at the Velopark right?

The sprint finish saw the riders spread out a bit.
With a moderately strong westerly giving the usual headwind on the finishing straight, the race got underway, clean clip-in at the start, and Matt and I succeeded in staying among the first few riders for almost its entirety. My legs felt fine and going into the wind I was feeling strong and cornering well. I’ve always liked the handful of little ramps on the Velopark circuit, although small you can see the effect they have on riders towards the end of a race. There were a few attempted breaks, but we successfully reeled them in. One that sticks in mind, that we can’t take credit for catching, was a rider that tore past everyone just after the bridge dip only to dramatically strike his pedal on the tarmac on the sharp left hander. He was lucky to stay upright. Perhaps a few too many turns in the wind took their toll, picking the wrong wheel and being bumped onto the grass on the penultimate lap didn’t help, but by the third to last corner I was getting swamped by riders. I got my head down and tried to claw back some places, but it was too late. 

Fnan Afewyk finishing in 6th place for CCH

Rob Tutt finishing just outside the points in 13th for CCH - after showing a lot on the front of the race 

Matthew Hardcastle finishing in 24th place for CCH - along with Rob he spent most of the race at the front end.
Thirteenth overall, just outside the points and back home in time to watch the FA Cup Final. There’s always the next race…
Thanks to all CCH volunteers over the last few weeks - 
Rob  Tutt.

CCH Primavera Circuit Series 4 27/5/17 Results
4th Cat Only
Position Name Club
1 John Mitchell Cambridge CC
2 Christopher Richmond -
3 Hazar Emre Tez Islington Cycling Club
4 Giles Harvey -
5 Adelos Gheistides -
6 Fnan Afewyk Cycling Club Hackney
7 Rob Briogens San Fairy Ann CC
8 Ian Dawson Gemini BC
9 Anthony Attwood San Fairy Ann CC
10 Darren Franks Cranks
11 George Martin Woolwich CC
12 Paul Cundy PMR@Toachim House
13 Rob Tutt Cycling Club Hackney

24 Matthew Hardcastle Cycling Club Hackney

Click here for full results for all races in round 4 along with a photo gallery - the results and loads of photos form across the series can be found here on our website.

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