Sunday 24 May 2015

Clem Berrill - the come back kid

Original CC Hackney youth & junior racer has returned to the sport in style with a win in Nottingham. Welcome back Clem, it's good to see that you've not lost your appetite for demolishing the opposition:) 

We're looking forward to your return to London in July.

In his own words, Clem's race report:

A Return to Racing
Last Saturday I lined up for the start of my third race of the year after a few years away from the sport. After a reasonable start finishing the Sheff Rec National B road race in around 20th place and a 4th place finish in a 3rd cat criterium in York the weekend before, I was motivated to learn from the mistakes I made where I rode too conservatively and missed the key moves. The start gun went and we were off. A couple of young looking lads went straight away on the decent of the 2.3km circuit. In keeping with the plan to not miss a move I waited for the crosswind drag at the bottom of the circuit and charged across to them. As soon as I got there it was plain to see they were going nowhere I went straight past and settled into a comfortable rhythm hoping for strong riders to jump across to me. After a few laps hanging at around 15 seconds, I decided it was time to go back to the bunch where I stayed at the head of things, marking the moves for the next 30 minutes. With about 12km to go and riders starting to tire I decided to give a break another shot again, going on the cross wind and opening a 15 second gap quickly. I settled down watching the bunch behind to see if anyone would jump. The 5 to go board was brought out after the next lap and with the peloton not giving chase it was time to commit to the solo move. I pushed on as hard as I could, pulling the gap out to around a minute over the next few laps. The effort started to take its toll, lungs and legs screaming for the end, the final lap bell could not come quick enough and when it did, I knew I had made it. 

Strava report


Thursday 21 May 2015

Starting 2nd June 2015 - Hackney After School Velodrome Club

On Tuesday 2nd June the all new Hackney After School Velodrome Club (HASVC)
will begin with a registration and induction session from 4.30-6.00pm.
The place to be for future young track riders of Hackney on this day is: Meeting room 1 at Lea Valley Velopark Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Abercrombie Road, London E20 3AB. Once the formalities are completed start up young riders will be able to go in to watch a well known professional cyclist in an exclusive track training session until 6.30pm.

The following week 9th June is the time when our weekly youth track training begins. We have a programme of 9 weekly sessions that are 100% funded. There will be two groups doing 3 X 9 minute blocks each. One being established and intermediate riders and the other being beginners and intermediate.
It is anticipated that before this runs out additional funders and sponsors will come on board to secure this session into an on-going provision.

Come July 14th (week six) young members will be ready to contribute with their fund raising 'Youth Group Hour Record' attempt. This is when a minimum of 10 riders on the track at any one time will rotate and push on to gain as much distance as they can in one hour.

The lead coach and organiser for this project is Cycling Club Hackney's  manager Keir Apperley. Having negotiated with the Lea valley Velopark Trust for a healthy concession on track bike and protective equipment use; the prospect became viable, especially with the collective backing of Hackney council's 'Young Hackney', social enterprise Interlinkx CiC and the start-up partner Cycling Club Hackney.
Use it or loose it:
If the need is evident in terms of attendance and outreach success then the plan is for on-going track sessions at LVV. Many thanks to those who are supporting HASVC and who are working to make regular Hackney youth track time possible.

Facebook page here 

Hackney After School Velodrome Club - Overview

Hackney After School Velodrome Club (HASVC)
The 2012 London Olympic Games has left behind the world class track cycling arena that is now called the Lea Valley Velopark. The indoor 250m velodrome is a gem of a facility that so far is being well used by adult riders and corporate bookings who can afford the fees. Since opening in March 2014 it has become clear that a collective effort is required to ensure that new young cyclists from the area get regular access to this track. If not (logically) there will be a diminishing return of riders using the venue.
We are looking at the future of track cycling and acting out a positive intervention. It's legacy, outreach, talent development & community cohesion...opportunity for all.
The costs and credits for this activity are shared by a group of supporting partners therefore there need not be a weighty financial implication on just one or two organisations.

Thanks to the backing of Lea Valley Velopark Trust, Cycling Club Hackney (management & coaching) Interlinkx CiC, Hackney Homes and Young Hackney's support, this initiative is able to get going into its trial sessions. 
Start date: Registration & induction Tuesday 2nd June 2015 (nine consecutive weeks to follow, contract renewal subject to review)
Weekly on Tuesdays 5-6pm
Coaching team: Keir Apperley, Neil Irons, Martin Elliot & Harry Moore.
Admin assistant: Martine
Project manager: Keir Apperley (Cycling Club Hackney)

Facebook page here

Monday 18 May 2015

London Youth Games - Trials

Saturday the first of Hackney's Trials for the London Youth Games took place at the Velopark in Stratford. Riders raced against the clock over 2 laps (2 miles).


1 Mack  Mooney              06:17.50
2 Stan Boyd                     06:37.90
3 William Green               06:37.46
4 Harry Gregory               06:38.28
5 Alessanda Sella       06:38.95
6 Tom Bardill               06:42.84
7 Mathew Ventris       07:24.77
8 Layla Abbott               07:48.34
9 Anoushka Minale       07:48.59
10 James Watson               07:49.08
11 Israel Oketade               08:21.36
12 Ryan Da Costa       09:20.30
13 Ryan Weeks               09:59.45
14 Jeremiah Mensah       13:24.82


1 Theo Modell                   04:44.66
2 Frank Moore                   05:03.15
3 Logan De Monchaux   05:05.51
4 Sam Bardill                   05:09.22
5 Isaac Costley                   05:11.37
6 Artie O'Regan                   05:20.47
7 Charlie Dash                   05:40.74
8 Jess Fenney-Davis           05:42.63
9 Ewan McNicol                   05:43.05
10 Louis Glendining           05:53.27
11 Henry Huxby                   05:57.54
12 Elliot Malefont                   06:09.54
13 Jess Elliot                   06:15.70
14 Ruben Eyen                   07:21.95
15 Kevin Ozee                   07:27.83
16 Sapar Ayas                   07:45.10

Well done to all riders. The next trials are on Saturday 23rd and 30th May - First rider 10am start.
The games themselves will be on the 4th July details here

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Concorde youth cyclist supported by CCH with a bike on loan

Young Ryan was 'happy as Larry' when he was presented with a Dawes Espoir Cycle for his use only. With the backing and support of his family this is as a reward for dedication and commitment to the club's on going out reach sessions at the Concord Centre. He said; "I will keep this bike safe and I'm looking forward to bringing it to races" 
Young Ryan will be representing Kingsmead Primary School at the next HPSCL grass track event at Mabley Green this Thursday.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

CCHackney Primavera Circuit Race 2 - 25th April 2015 - Report, results and photo gallery.

The second of our spring crits once again attracted many riders to Lea Valley Velopark - unfortunately a serious crash resulted in the abandonment of the Senior's Cat 3 4 race and the presence of ambulances on the circuit led to the cancellation of the E 1 2 and women's races. The incident was a shame as the race was well under way in its 15th lap and attacks were coming off the front of the large peleton of 90 plus riders. The weather was wet but by the senior races it was drying out a bit so maybe a combination of nervousness and eagerness led to the incidents. As the crash happened at the west end of the circuit this meant the race couldn't continue as there is only one entry onto the circuit - which is at the opposite end meaning that whilst emergency vehicles are on the circuit racing couldn't continue even on a shortened course. We all hope that the injured riders have a speedy recovery.

In contrast the Youth races passed off mainly without mishaps despite them having the worst of the weather. These races were part of the Eastern Region Youth Circuit Series so there was a large turn out for all the categories with riders looking to move up the tables. The D and E races were keenly contested with LVYCC riders Owen Prenelle and Carys Lloyd coming out on top in the D races and Henry Hobbs from Barking & Dagenham and Tysli Bakrania from Team Darenth winning the E races.

Nearly 40 started the Under 12s Cat C race and their riding was impressive in alarge field for that age group. Alex Dale - LVYCC and Rose Dias took the honours.
The A and B races followed with the plan being that the B race would finish 3 laps ahead of the As. it looked like they would stay apart only for the two bunches to come together just as the B race had 2 laps to go. This resulted in some riders riding with the wrong bunch and the first B rider across the line getting relegated. We'll address this at the next race by making the A and B one race and the points going to the top three riders in each category. So if a B rider is strong enough to stay with the A group then they can. Winners for the the B race were Liam Hanks - Barking, and Harley Pell - CCAshwell.

The A boys cranked it up for the last three laps but it still resulted in a close bunch sprint with Dougal Toms once again taking the win.

Thanks once again to all those who volunteered to help out - Andy Bardill, John Dash, Charlie Scott, David Slovak, Sean Feeney, George Norcaro, Glenn Hutchinson, Tom Lloyd, Jon Green, Barney Morgan, Susanne Tuefel, Andrea Sella, Peter Maas, Prosper Watts, Richie Benson, Justin Costley, Liz de Monchaux. Thanks also to Rebel Rebel - Hackney for supplying the flowers and Hub Velo the numbers.

Photo gallery here.

Friday 1 May 2015

Hackney Cycling Team Trials - London Youth Games 2015

London Youth Games 2015 - 4 July 2015
Trials will take place for the team to represent Hackney at the London Youth Games  - Hackney were second last year so one better this! details:

At: LVV Circuit
On: Saturdays 16th 23rd & 30th May
Time: First rider - 10pm
Age: U12s & U16s
All riders to do 2 laps around the whole circuit individual TT at 30s intervals.

Structured quality training on the circuit will follow these tests.

Entry fee is capped at £3.00 per session.
Details about the LYG can be found here

SEG Racing's update Tour de Bretagne:

SEG Racing:
Yesterday the guys did everything to move up in GC, all or nothing! Alex Peters attacked with 40km to go. Till last km it was all.. Good try
Alex is still 7th in GC, 2nd in Young Rider GC and 3rd in Mountain classification. Today final stage, go guys! ‪#‎TourdeBretagne‬

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