Wednesday 31 December 2008

Mabley Green/Wick Festival '08

Last September CCH organised grass track racing on Mabley Green as part of the Wick festival celebrations and the unveiling of the marvelous 100 tonne piece of Cornish granite . It was an excellent day for racing on the grass, the track location was the best yet, there is plenty of space at Mabley Green. Some local youngsters without bikes did a running race that they enjoyed. We also trialled a new sport; cycle climbing or cymbling.

Tuesday 30 December 2008

What's on for new year 2009

Mountain Bike Chariot Racing
...the next big thing?

Any one fancy mountain bike chariot racing in Wales? There are medals up for grabs and a chance to be a world champion at it. An interesting challenge right? We're looking for a team to represent CCH in this auspicious event. Please reply to - It's on 12th January 2009, a short call but the event was only noticed today.
Chariot racing would be fine preparation for our inaugural cross country mountain bike cycle racing day on Saturday 17th January. This is part of the Mabley Green winter rock around the Rock festival organised by Core Arts. We are planning to be on Wick Woodland but this will be confirmed in week one '09. In any case after the cycle sports it's back to Core Arts at the Barnebas Centre for refreshments and a special screening of the superb animation movie; Belleville Rendez-Vous

Tuesday 2 December 2008

CCH Kit design

Here is a preview of CCH's new cycling shirt.
The design is not yet finalised but the shorts like the shirts are to have a panel carrying both the club name and our main sponsor; The Learning Trust.
The club logo was created by Catchpole Calligraphy. This kit is expected to become available to club members at the end of February 2009.

Wednesday 26 November 2008

Rollapalluza Winter League

There will be at least four events between now and the end of February all on Wednesdays. The opening rounds are:
White Hart (500m event)

1 Mile End Rd
E1 4TP

Horseshoe (1000m event)
24 Clerkenwell Close
£5 entry competitors / spectators.
Start (casually) at 6pm, qualification ’til 9, knockout rounds ’til finish.

Sunday 23 November 2008

'Beijing really showed women's cycling for what it is, the women's race was just as exciting as the men's, so from an entertainment point of view they're equal. Then at the world championships a lot of people said the road race finale was one of the most exciting races there ever was, men or women.'

Nicole Cooke puts the case for womens road racing in an interview in the Observer.

There is also an interesting interview with the winner of four stages in the Tour de France Mark Cavendish about why he felt let down by the Olympic team.

Sunday 26 October 2008

Events for next year

Thanks to everybody for an interesting and productive meeting.
(CCH committee meeting 23/10/08)

Some dates for next year, so far we have discussed, earmarked and nailed:

Economic Energy Winter Series
Starting Sat. December 6th 2008
S. Wales visit to Newport Velodrome & Glyncorrwg MTB Centre January or Febuary 2009
Off Roading 'games' in Wick Woodland - 17th January
Annual event: CCH 2nd Round Chelmsford - April 19th
Inaugural Hackney Inter-schools Cycle Racing Day April 09 TBC (LYG qualifying event)
Inaugural CCH Grass track Racing League 2009 - Sunday evenings in June, July & August
2009 London Youth Games - Saturday 4 July and Sunday 5 July
Tour of Flanders Cyclo - Saturday 4th April 2009
Tour of Flanders Sunday - 5 April
La Marmotte & Grimp L’Alp D’Huez cyclo sportive event: Thurs 2nd to Mon. 6th July
Paris Roubaix Day Trip or stop over - 11 Apr 2009 to 12 Apr 2009
EASTER week end is: April 10 to April 13
ECCA Festival - 4th and 5th May (bank holiday)
Jersey Racing Weekend 23rd to 25th May - (bank holiday)
Newham International Six-Day pro track racing event - October 2009

Thursday 9 October 2008

Big turnout at our first annual general meeting

Thanks to all of the 30 or so members and supporters who turned up at our first AGM, held on Thursday 25th September. The enthusiasm for the club was clear to see in everyone who turned up, but it was particularly encouraging that about half of the attendees were young people under 18.

After giving people a chance to meet and greet, the first business of the evening was elections. Stuart Dennison will serve as club chair, taking over from myself (phew!), and Dan Batchelor kindly volunteered to be treasurer, while Keir Apperley remains as secretary. Meanwhile we have three volunteers to be youth representatives: Adebisi Alakan, Teo Geoghegan-Hart and Ryan Tran.

We went on to talk about what we've achieved in our first year of existence as a club, and about our hopes for the year ahead, including exciting plans for twinning with clubs abroad, and for trips to places as glamorous as the Alps and even Newport :)

You can read the full minutes of the meeting here in PDF. You might also be interested to read our esteemed secretary's report on our first year.

Special thanks to Core Arts for the venue and Mother Earth for providing tasty snacks at cost price.

Friday 19 September 2008

FYI: 'The African Cyclist'

'The African Cyclist' web site
Guardian blog about 'The African cyclist'

Wednesday 17 September 2008

Eastern Region Track Championships

12-5pm Sunday 21st September 08
Eastern Region Track Championships @ Welwyn Garden City velodrome
Representing CCH at this event:
Junior & youth riders; Clem Berril, David Dryburgh & Kyroah Pang
plus senior rider Keir Apperley
Map here
Link here

Tuesday 16 September 2008

Sunday 14 September 2008

Olympic Velopark

They have made a decision about the future of the Olympic Velopark, and the good news is that they are going to put the road circuit back after 2012. Read about it here and theres a flash video of the Olympic facilities here
A special report of the recent 2012 Olympic Velopark presentation was written by our associate hack Simon Bateson, you can see it here

Monday 1 September 2008

1st Annual General Meeting

Dear CCH members & associates
You are cordially invited to the first Annual General Meeting of
Cycling Club Hackney
On Thursday 25th September 2008 7pm to 9pm to be held at:

Barnabas Centre
109 Homerton High Street
London E9 6DJ
Map link:

Nominations are invited for the following posts:
Chair, secretary, treasurer, two youth representatives (up to 18 yrs old).
Please contact our current club secretary, Keir
(, if you are interested in these posts.

Agenda to include:
Progress report
Election of officers including youth representation
A main base and additional sites to work from
Autumn/winter 2008 programme
Event calendar for 2009
Membership cards

Light bites & refreshments will be provided!

Saturday 23 August 2008

Holiday Action - Monday 25th

On August bank holiday Monday 25th, a contingent of our youth section will be racing in the Southend Wheelers Crits at The Redbridge Cycling Centre. The team will be supported by CCH's club coaches Keir Apperley & Simon Bateson.
For anyone who'd like to see some future east end talent in action and would like to say they were there, please do come along and make some noise for the Hackney crew!
First youth race start is at 10am
This event is part of our youth squads preperation for the London criterium championships to be held on the same circuit on 21st September.

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Bank Holiday Monday

If anyone wants to go out this Monday, be at the usual place at 10am. I will wait five minutes!

I am away on the Sunday so enjoy the ride without me. Redbridge are doing a "Family Fun Day" at the Hog Hill (now Redbridge Cycle Circuit) track which might be a good opportunity to check it out. Details are here.

The Low Life

This years big HPV event was of course the world championships which were hosted by the BHPC at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk.

About 120 riders gathered for the occasion including your humble correspondent and Denise Wilson; "Team Bikefix". I have to report that the venue was great, the weather dramatic, the racing superb, and champions were created.

The format for the weekend was not what I would have chosen. Saturday took advantage of the giant runway with 200m flying start sprints followed by a 1km sprint from a a standing start. In the the first event you gradually wind up your speed for a kilometer and then try to go like absolute hell for the final 200m. In the second event you go like absolute hell from the beginning - surely an event designed to break both bicycles and people. This is definately not my metier, but I have to say that despite my indifferent performance I really enjoyed both races. The new hour record holder Damjan Zabovnik (87,123 km in one hour; going backwards! read more) was there to try and set a 200m record, but the track was way to short and the surface too uneven.

The afternoon was devoted to the three hour race on a huge circuit. My problem with this event is that I am utterly inconsistent and tend to ricochet between optimism as I hang dessperately onto the wheel of someone going much faster than I can, and despair when I'm dropped and sink gradually back through the field. It was during an early moment of realism that I hit a beautifuly wheel shaped gap in the cement track and violently blew out my rear tyre. Anger and dissapointment were mixed with relief as I trudged back to race HQ. After an hour and a half of drinking cider and changing my tyre in a leasurely fashion I jumped back in for an hour of fun, with no pressure and no glory, and crossed the line with the winning women; the best seat in the house!

The format on Sunday was hour time trial followed by 30 minute criteriums in the afternoon. I messed up the time trial but had a fantastic race in the afternoon as the sun shone and we all chased around the superb circuit, with technical turns, a nice hill and a good surface. Beaten by Scottish Keith up the final hill. Mike Burrows did a fantastic race for a 62 year old - this is him in the final climb.

The sun continued to shine on the prize giving, we all felt tired and satisfied and there were lots of lovely pots for prizes. A great event. Next year its Holland.

Friday 15 August 2008


Here are a selection of pictures taken over the summer that capture some CCH action on the track. Locations are at Herne Hill velodrome during induction/training sessions and at the mid-week track league. Junior riders are Clem Berril, David Dryburgh, Kevin Kabey, Freddy Trimble, Ato Qualm-Quashie, Freya Gannon-Burns, Louis Carpenter & Kyroah Pang. The shots at Newport indoor velodrome is where yours truly reached sixth place in the points race at the 2008 national masters championships.
(As usual - to get a larger view click on the image.)

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Planning CCH 2009

Please help us flesh out the application for next years grant funding. We will be holding a meeting soon to try and finalise the plan for the year.

no of riders, how to get them
Training levels for staff
Running grass track league

Target events 2008/9
Autumn program
Winter program
Spring program
Summer Program

Resources needed to achieve desired results
How many qualified staff.
How many training sessions in the year:
Staff Required
Hours per week
Transport to events
Team kit
Indoor training equipment
Base for training and meetings

Tuesday 29 July 2008

CCH riders do well in The Tour De France (style event)

Last Friday evening CCH's 16 year old Clem Berill won the best young rider award at the annual Beacontree CC/Team Economic Energy special Tour De France celebration TT.
The course was five miles long (one lap) like Le Tour prologue and Clem's time was clocked at an impressive 12m 46s. Keir Apperley was second in the vets group (12m 12s). Dave Bamford was fourth in the senior section (12m 43s). All CCH riders finished in the top ten overall.
TEE's Simon Bateson won the event with a sizzling time of 11m 10s.
After the ride all enjoyed hospitality on Navestock Heath in the form of French bread, cheese, brioche and a little wine to toast Le Grande Boucle with.

For detailed results and more visit the Becontree Wheelers website.

Sunday 27 July 2008

GTR4 - grasstrack race meeting Well Street Common 27th July 2008

Another smashing session of racing on Well Street Common. We forgot our tape measure, so we had to pace the course out, but we reckon it was around 170 150 metres. Then again looking at the times maybe it was less! Anyway, the weather was sultry, the grass was short, and the ground was sun-baked and as bumpy as ever.

As usual, we started with individual time trials, and concluded with some massed-start races. There are some pictures of the event here.

Individual time trials -- one lap, flying start

Start OrderRiderTime
13Mike Kangelos15.8
11Jim Sullivan16.5
14Jason Garfield18.2
7Terry Dolan18.4
4Patrick Field18.5
19Gavin Polkinghorn18.8
24Emma Williams19.4
27Keir Apperley19.5
18James Hoggarth19.8
6Carl Mustafa19.9
21Steve Taylor20.1
16Dan Batchelor20.1
3Jack NYC20.7
26Will Fooks20.7
20Walter Stabb20.9
5Joe Czernuska20.9
1Johnny Wilkinson20.9
2Chris Delia21.1
28Stuart Dennison21.3
12Freya Burns21.6
8Brenda Puech21.7
17Greg Beer21.7
22Stuart Dennison22.0
9Katie Ward22.5
15Ricky Samba22.6
25Will Stewart23.8
23Lydia Ashman24.2
10Mike KangelosDNF

Devil take the hindmost – group B (field of 6)

First: Steve Taylor, Second: Walter Stabb, Third: Chris Delia

Devil take the hindmost – group A (field of 8)

First: Jim Sullivan, Second: Mike Kangelos, Third: James Hoggarth

Scratch race – 10 laps

First: Keir Apperley, Second: James Hoggarth, Third: Patrick Field, Fourth: Joe Czernuska

Thursday 24 July 2008

Hog Hill

Got some news.

Spoke to the guy running it. He's very helpful - Ian Coles 020 8500 9359

19th August is opening day for the full circuit – all very formal. On the Sunday they have some sort of Olympic hand over event (?!?)

First race is 25th August (Monday Bank Holiday), Southend Wheelers event

It is available on Saturdays 15th 20th 27th. he said if we want to come up and check it out at any time to give him a call.

Prices start from £120 for two hours.

Does anyone know about this....

Tuesday 8 July 2008

CCH - Grass Track Racing 4 + Artist's work

Grass track racing anybody?
GTR4 is to be held on Sunday 27th July 2008 at Well Street Common
7pm - 9pm (click on the poster or any other image to get an enlargement)
There will be prizes up for grabs including winners jerseys for each category
Bring your bike & join in - we hope to see you there!

'Artist's work' - Ruth Beale is a Hackney resident and a CCH club rider, here are some details of her latest art project:
Two artists, Ruth Beale and Karen Breneman, are embarking on an art/cycling project with a London-Liverpool cycle ride. The aim is to highlight the enduring existence of long established national cycling clubs and the way they have historically given the working classes a sense of freedom, fellowship and access to the countryside. The planned route is:
23 July London - Clophill (Bedfordshire)
24 July Bedfordshire - Coventry
25 July Coventry - Stoke
26 July Stoke - Liverpool
27 July Discussion event in Liverpool
The route for the first day is to set off from Lower Clapton, up the Lea Valley all the way to Hertford, then on to Clophill, a small village in Bedfordshire. There will be an entourage of more cyclists for the first 20 miles or so, who are expected to go at a slower pace, before getting the train back to London. Karen and Ruth will continue on the leg to Clophill. Cycle Club Hackney members and interested cyclists are invited to join the artists for any leg of the journey- route knowledge welcome!
The artists are also looking for offers of accommodation in Coventry and Stoke (or nearby). They will be on road bikes (not pictured!). Karen is producing a routebook, complete with timings, altitude profiles and special credit to the clubs who have provided assistance. Ruth is organising a roundtable discussion at the end of the journey, which is an artist-residence in Liverpool, with individuals representing various viewpoints on the general subject of cycling and culture.

London Youth Games - coach report

Hackney's youth cycling team did well and achieved the target objective of enjoying the occasion and finishing in the top ten team standings out of thirty two entries. However this has been slightly dampened by the news that our result won't add to Hackney's points tally because we had made to many changes in the squad from the team that had to be submitted to the organisers (according to the rules) three months ago...not the most helpful rule I must say!
Never-mind we had a good day, the riders looked great in the new kit, they recorded some very respectable times at their first attempts and they learnt a lot about cycle racing in the process.
I'm very proud of the squad, saw some fine new talent in action and I look forward to growing from this point onwards to even greater achievements.
Special thanks on behalf of the riders and I to Domonic Hinshelwood from Laburnham boat club who shared in the team management and who also drove the mini bus.

Thank you and good job well done.

Keir Apperley (Youth team coach)

Monday 7 July 2008

Do you want to be World Champion?

Of course you do. And to make your dream come true all you have to do is come to Suffolk on the weekend of the 15th of August and ride your bike faster than anyone else there. Of course it will have to be a recumbent bike if you want to have any chance, and since it is the weird and wacky world of HPV racing there is very little glory and no money at all.

I can supply you with a bike though, so if you are interested give me a call at the shop.

All the details are here

Sunday 6 July 2008

Our first big event - the London Youth Games.

Originally uploaded by bikefix
Our relatively inexperienced squad put in a fine showing at the London Youth games at Crystal Palace.

All the pictures are here.

Keir can we have some results here. And could you post the details of the next grass track race.

If anybody is interested, this is where the club run went on Sunday.

Wednesday 25 June 2008

Cheap Shoes and Pedals

For team members wanting clip in shoes I can do the following deal.

These Shimano RO62 road shoes and Shimano PD-R540 SPD SL Sport pedals complete for £45.

If you are interested, send an email to with your shoe size.


Saturday 14 June 2008

Results June 08

Wednesday 11th June 08 Well Street Common: GTR 3

Event Report Time Trial - Navestock

13 June 2008 20:00 E14A 10 Miles TT


Timekeeper - Arthur Harragan - Becontree Wheelers
Position Name Club Time BWCC
1 Michael Rolfe Team Economic Energy 23:54
2 Terry Garlinge Team Economic Energy 24:17
3 Keir Apperley CC Hackney 25:30
4 Dave Bennett Team Economic Energy 26:08
5 Jason Hare Trisport Epping 26:31
6 Gary Tyrrell Becontree Wheelers 26:54 7
7 Craig Veall Team Economic Energy 27:08
8 Elliot Ryan Glendene 27:30
9 David Brett Manchester Wheelers 27:49
10 Ian Davies Shaftesbury 27:57
11 Ian Damant Becontree Wheelers 28:18 6
12 Karthic Kukatlasan Becontree Wheelers 28:27 5
13 David Nolan Shaftesbury 29:43
14 Venita Dabhi Team Economic Energy 30:33
15 Michael Peat Team Economic Energy 31:38
16 Jan Swallow Trisport Epping 33:36
17 Robert Jennings Becontree Wheelers 34:36 4
18 Tony Capon Becontree Wheelers 13:28* 3
19 Clemm Berrill CC Hackney 14:10*
20 David Dryburgh CC Hackney 14:44*
21 Freddie Trimble CC Hackney 15:32*
22 Freya Gannon-Burns CC Hackney 15:50*
23 Neha Dabhi Team Economic Energy 15:55*
24 Louis Carpenter CC Hackney 15:59*
25 Derek Jennings Becontree Wheelers 19:59* 2

Raj Dabhi Team Economic Energy DNF

Graham Cheshire Becontree Wheelers DNF 1
*= 1 lap @ five miles for our young riders and those riding five by choice
Link to Beacontree Wheelers web site and the results for their Friday evening TTs - regularly attended by CCH riders

Thursday 5 June 2008

Club Run 31st May 2008

Club Run 31st May 2008
Matthew Harper was hot off the blocks this morning, he is preparing for the Tour de France 2008 (etape). Combined with his champion companions; Lewin Chalkly (sporting a rainbow, Disappearing Over the Horizon, world champions jersey) and our tri-athlete John 'Iron Man' Oliver, a formula for a combustible concoction was found. They were too quick for the customary photo shoot at the Ice Centre but all were later rounded up by telecoms at Buckhurst Hill to be held back momentarily for a snap at the church gates.

New young riders Clem Bidell, David Dryburgh, Freddie Trimble and Felix Robbins joined experienced hands Freya Gannon-Burns & Louis Carpenter to make a massive bargain saving on the average age on this club run. The exuberance of youth was in evidence here but not to be done over, Andy Buckwell, Keir Apperley, Stewart Dennison and Andrew Robbins were all making up for lost time and were not exactly hanging about today either - age crisis? pah!
Our route took us through familiar territory, passing by Theydon Bois, Navestock, Kelvedon Hatch, Blackmore (for tea) and then on through to Winingale, the Easters and back via the Lavers, Moreton and Epping. Quite a long ride actually and perhaps stretching it a little especially for our hero of the day Clem who got round on his suspension mountain bike. Andrew kept Clem's cramping legs fluid buy forcing drinks and cookies his way and much to Clem's credit he rode at the front for the last miles through Epping Forrest, leading the precession who followed behind in honor. We all got back tired and satisfied with the days excursion into Essex. Total distance 120klm.

Friday 23 May 2008

The CCH-GTR Experience @ Well St Common Festival 2008

Patrick Field and Keir Apperley formed a pedal power transport convoy to carry GTR equipment and cycles across Hackney to Well Street Common's annual fete.
By 10.45h the 200m rope, two racing cycles, a large tent (HQ), training rollers, flags, cones, wooden steaks, barrier tape, numbers, prizes, tool kit & 1st aid kit were delivered on site. The circus had arrived and soon after our ring master Trevor Parsons appeared to began the field geometry exercise that resulted in the formation of an egg shape on grass with added straights.
Patrick erected the mini big top. A slight territory concern was raised when it was thought that the Dog Show Area may be too close to the track but thankfully there turned out to be enough dog leads in between for it to be deemed safe.
With the track in place, Keir hammered in the stakes to support the red & white barrier tape safely beyond the stayers line and then marked out a thin white finish line with emulsion at the end of the home straight. Blue and yellow flexible cones marked the bends out against infringement, it was a colorful sight. The sun was bright, a breeze held the temperature and the grass was cropped and ready, the scene set for action.

12.30h We began proceedings with an all comers open time trial of 147m flying lap time trial (an all out individual race against the clock or contre la montre). It was a slow start in numbers but soon riders young and old began to appear. The competition was hotting up as numerous riders had their second and third attempts at raising the bar. There was one accident away from the track when Patrick clattered off his training rollers, luckily escaping without damage to his dignity (no contact was made with his bikes top tube).
The fastest time of the day went to local champion Ben Tanner who held his nerve fearlessly powering around to clock a winning time of 17.80s
Freya Gannon-Burns was the fastest female rider with a fine time of 19.56s
Another local talent from this seemingly hot bed of cycling was young Arnold Ballazhi who's time of 23.96s was a fine achievement for an under 12 year old on a little bike.
A minor accident happened to a female competitor who pushed it too far on the last bend and lost her front wheel, grass was lodged up her sleeve and her pride was dented but not her top tube, she limped off to light applause.
The final acts of the day were the scratch races and these were held in two classes; fixed wheel and free wheel.
Keir won the fixed race (no fix), Patrick coming in second but consoled by the knowledge that he had beaten his son Walter into third place. Joe of London Fields Cycles remained in contention but could only manage a gallant fourth. Joe has since vowed to be back for revenge...
The free wheel race was won by Dan Batchelor, beating another local hero Stephen Thompson into second place despite his best tactical intentions.
Jools Hood was 3rd, Adam Wilkinson 4th and heroic Brian Walker was left to hold a gold plated wooden spoon.
All in all it was a great day out at the races and we are looking forward to the next CCH GTR meeting at Well Street Common in Hackney soon.
Hope to see you there.

Special thanks to Caroline Gregory for supporting us and providing the prizes and also to those like Nicola Baboneau who volunteered their assistance on the day.

Navestock TT - 10.05.08

Navestock TT
On Friday 10th May Freya & Louis achieved personal best times for five miles at the TEE/Beacontree Wheelers Navestock TT with times of 15m 47s & 16m 42s respectively. Bernard recorded an impressive unofficial marker time of 16m 57s for his first ride at that distance. Keir's time for ten miles was 26m 14s.
The journey home was interesting because we made for Theydon Bois tube station and traveled back to Leyton on the central line to save about seven miles in distance. Slipping through the quiet Essex country side on the way to the departure station as the light was dwindling had a certain charm. In the station fore court there were a few requests for wheelies by some of the local teenagers, Haleem pulled a decent two footer that drew a round of applause and a few cheers but the rest of us were a little leggy for any extras.

Saturday 10 May 2008

Wednesday 7 May 2008

May 1st 2008 grasstrack racing trials (GTR1)

Here is the result of the one lap, flying time trials we held. Track distance 150m.

Name Time Category
Simon Whitlock 21.52 Fixed, open
Keir Apperley 21.84 MTB, over-40
22.73 Fixed, open
Trevor Lacey 23.08 Fixed, open
David Moreno 24.14 Family bike, over-40
Bernard Kinkufi 25.05 MTB, junior
Stuart Dennison 25.64 Fixed, over-40
Patrick Field 25.65 Fixed, generator, over-50
30.06 Lightweight, open

The annual Well Street Common Festival is to be held on Sunday 18th May and CHH's 'Grass Track Experience' is coming for the first official event of the summer. Ahead of this, last Thursday evening a group of Hackney cyclists with vision and a sense of humor convened at Well St.Common to guinea pig grass track competition and test the new 200m rope as an inner racing line.
Ten riders of various ages, two observers, one man and his dog bore witness to what may prove to be a seminal event. Well what came of it? Apart from the giggles and the panting in exchange for short but exhilarating turns on the track we gained a knowledge that racing on grass is breathtaking & funny.
From the previous days rain the ground was a bit spongy and the grass was moist, succulent and cow chew-able. The pitch safety inspection done, we tossed a coin and payed out the rope into a perfect oval shape according to measurements made by the steady hand & sextant of CCH's chair Trevor Parsons.
Racing began with a flying-lap individual time trial and then we finished with an unofficial devil. This is a massed start race where on each lap the last rider over the line is called out until the final three riders sprint to the line for glory sake...devil take the hind most.

Findings from this exercise were that the racing area will need to be cordoned off, a cycle machine check before competing obligatory, the crash helmet wearing policy needs to be made clear as do the competition rules and a wide range of cycles work fine on grass as long as the rider is willing to dig deep!
At the festival all comers will be able to join CCH at the very reasonable inaugural flat rate of £5.00
Bring your own bike & helmet, some helmets will be available to loan.
We are looking for more volunteers to help out on the day. Any flag wavers, sheriffs/marshals, horn blowers, bell ringers, rattle shakers, podium dancers and picture takers wishing to join and help will get CCH free CCH membership. Please contact: and/or leave a comment to this page.

FYI: 200m of 10mm polypropylene rope cost £45.00 from

    Cycling Club Hackney - Helmet wearing policy
    (Helmets undamaged & conforming to BS &/or the Kite mark)

Any massed start competitive race; all riders must wear a crash helmet.

Including: On the road, off road, on the track & on grass.

Any competitive time trial (individual race against the clock) all those under eighteen year old must wear a crash helmet.

Under eighteen riders joining CCH leisure rides must hand in to a CCH committee member on duty a signed consent form from their parent/guardian if they wish not to wear a crash helmet.

All Under eighteen riders on CCH cycle racing training sessions must wear a crash helmet.

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