Friday 25 October 2019

Youth Olympics - Dakar 2022

Heads up!

The next Youth Olympics are to be in Dakar 2022

A legit target and potential opportunity for some of our riders from around the world.

London Six Day 2019 - tout le monde était là!

It was a lively visit to the Lea Valley Velodrome this week, we were there for day 2 of the London Six Day 2019. Everyone was in the house including a group from Kingsmead E9 and CC Hackney's training base there. We went to see the races of course, with champions like Mark Cavendish hitting the front but also a special guest who was in all the way from Nigeria’s capital Ubuja.

Picture Giandomenico Massari (president Nigerian Cycling Federation) with some of CC Hackney’s Concorde youth club bike riders, coaches, parents and Young Hackney staff. All happy to meet and greet at the London Six Day track races in the Lea Valley Velodrome.

Friday 4 October 2019

Meeting William Newman of the Confederation of African Cycling in Kings X

Make Cycle Sport Truly Global

Monday 23rd September - a delegation led by Keir Apperley from CC Hackney (CCH) held a meeting in Kings Cross with previous contact fellow William Newman. William is the track development officer of the African Cycling Confederation. From Cape Town South Africa, our man was in UK for the UCI World Cycling Championships in Harrogate Yorkshire. 
Essentially we spoke about how CCH is continuing their enduring project to bring on change towards a more diverse and representative cycling scene here in East London - at least one equivalent to the local population's demographic. William encouraged CCH to keep up the good work and noted that he and his team are keen to help things along here, fast tracking when necessary, especially regarding contacting and liaising with the governance of other UCI world regions. 
One of the key discussion points was the real prospect of forming an international training campus in Hackney to follow up on the work done by Nigeria's Jason Butler with Keir and more recently London/Ghana's Mani Arthur. *Dreaming of creating a vibrant training/development camp here in London, one in which riders of the world can prepare to represent their nation of heritage at elite level tournaments: Such as the Junior World Track Championships Cairo Egypt 2020, Youth Olympics Dakkar Senegal 2022, Commonwealth Games Birmingham England 2022 Glasgow World Championships 2023 and the senior Olympic Games. 
By the end of our talk William had pledged to keep up his support for this progressive aspect and is looking forward towards positive outcomes on the way. For the record William's role here is purley a supporting one with no business position held at local level.I.E at Hackney's development campus.  

Clockwise - Ben Shaw, Keir Apperley, Ricardo Johnson, Azra Ali & William Newman

Marques Mendes (Federacao Cabo-verdinia de Cicllsmo) with William on the train to Harrogate
Keir Apperley & Ricardo Johnson - by Harrogate's finish line

“only those who dream will someday see their dreams become reality”

Che Guevara

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