Monday 21 January 2019

New member Okubit at Fawcett bike maintenance club

Young Eritrean club members and avid sports cyclists, Okubit and Haben visited Fawcett bike maintenance club last Thursday for the first time. Both worked together on restoring an unwanted old red town bike; a Hercules 3speed Sturmey Archer classic. 

Haben & Okubit
Cycles and cycling are steeped in Eritrean culture, the people from this part of East Africa are especially appreciative and knowledgeable about bikes. Okubit helped Haben sort out the Brakes, headset, drive chain, saddle, bottom bracket, tyres and wheels leaving two jobs to do next week - fitting the new gear changer and second hand rack. It's stuck in top gear for now but next week they are returning to get the gear changer fitted.
Haben "This is a useful A to B ride for me. I'll be using it for getting to and from collage, social visits and shopping but probably not for racing though!"

UPDATE - one week later & Haben's town bike is in gear(s) x3

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