Thursday 27 August 2009

Club mate in high places...

Hackney resident Dave Carr reaching the heights with CCH.
He's in the French Alps this week, riding from north to south taking in the major climbs including; Joux Plan, Alpe d'Huez, Col de Madelaine, Col du Galibier, Col d Isoard & Mont Ventoux.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Cch racing in Italy! Memorial Del Bono...

This is the Memorial Del Bono, 6 Cycling Club Hackney members (4 Under 18s & 2 Adults) will be participating on the 6th of September. The footage above is off the 2008 Edition, it is really worth a watch, especially the 2nd part near the end when the climbing gets really steep. The trip is being funded by Youth Opportunity Fund and Stuart Feakins Trust. Report and pictures when we get home.

Youth B Training Ride

6 Youth B riders and 2 more experienced A riders accompanied 2 Cycling Club Hackney Coaches on a special B Training ride. These rides aimed at the new and developing less experienced youth members of the club, aim to improve B riders confidence on the road and general fitness. Recent rides have been led by coaches and other youth members of the club. An upcoming trip on 19th September to Lille will be a good opportunity for the riders to test their fitness. Also on the calendar is a trip to Herne Hill, Cch have booked the track for two and a half hours and will include a special induction for new members and a training session for those with prior track experience. The session is also a good taster for riders new to the club having ridden in the Cch Grass Track Racing League.

Tuesday 25 August 2009

GTRL1 Results

Podium finishers in the 8-12 year category listen to the anthem of Hackney as they stand on ceremony after receiving their medals and the winner his trophy.

August 23rd 2009.
GTRL1 - league final day on Hackney Downs.
By all accounts the series has been successful and there was obvious enthusiasm amongst young people. Much was learned along the way, quite a number of new riders seem to have been caught by the buzz that racing on bikes causes. Some thought we would see more riders from the fixed wheel scene - we were looking forward to seeing the fixie crew racing on grass, next time maybe.

Below is a list of winners and podium finishers for our inaugural series:
12-15yrs: Kyroah Pang 1st Champion. Tao Geohegan Hart 2nd. Bella Dmochowska 3rd.
8-11yrs: Bede Geohegan Hart 1st Champion. Ayo Lawal 2nd. Logan Demonchaux-irons 3rd.
U8yrs: Charley Dash 1st Champion. Uai Watts 2nd. Gloria Ajagbe 3rd.
Female: Bella Dmochowska 1st Champion. Charlie Dash 2nd. Matlida O'Regan 3rd. 16+yrs: Clem Berrill 1st Champion. Patrick Field 2nd. Wojtek Dmochowski 3rd.

As well as the medallists all competitors received prizes, this is thanks to generous donations from our supporting bike shops: London Fields Cycles, Mosquito Bikes, Two Wheels Good and Bike Fix. Riders enjoyed competing and as a progression are looking forward to visiting Herne Hill Velodrome on Wednesday 2nd September for a club training session as a group prize from the league sponsors; London Cycling Campaign. Special thanks must go out to all the helpful volunteers and parents without which the events would not have gone on so easily.
The next cch grass track racing will be on Saturday 26th September over at Mabley Green as part of the Wick festival.

Thursday 20 August 2009

Pickwick Bycycle Club - Hackney Downs

Cycling's coming home!
Rolling up is the final day of CCH's 1st Grass Track Cycle Racing League. It is taking place on Hackney Downs (by Downs Road) 4-7pm this Sunday August 23rd, the birth place of the world's first cycling club. Eh?

Oldest surviving cycling club in the world.
First met at Downs Hotel
On 22nd June 1870.
(Downs Public House, Downs Road).
Celebrates its 140th birthday in June 2010.

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Youth 'B' Riders sign on for Herne Hill track induction

Saturday 10th August 8.30am
Five new club youth 'B' riders made their way to Herne Hill velodrome to attend the morning track induction class, they all passed the tests and found the training on the track exciting. They are looking forward to spending more time on Herne Hill's track and have said they'll be ready to compete in next seasons Wednesday evening track league starting in May 2010.
funding assistance from the Stuart Feakins Trust and the Youth Opportunities Fund something else for this group to look forward to next September is a club residential trip to Lille in northern France close the Belgian border. From there a visit to the famous Roubaix velodrome is planned, they'll see the finish line for the ultimate annual spring classic 'Paris Roubaix'. Also on the agenda is a touring excursion into Belgium and Flanders where the passion and fervour for cycling and cycle racing is matchless.

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Grass Track League - week three up-date

Sunday August 16th Hackney Downs
The penultimate round of our Grass Track Racing League was held in bright sunshine, it was warm and breezy with the prevailing wind blowing down the back straight in an easterly direction. Attendance was up with a number of new riders on the scene. Nearly all the previous competitors returned to settle scores and garner more points on the way. They were hoping to improve on their overall league standing ahead of the deciding meeting next Sunday 23rd August.
In the flying lap TT most posted improved times. The first ride of the day won the event and made our time keeper, Trevor Parsons, double check his clock - 19.72s! This time is now the new flying lap record owned by 14 year old Kyroah Pang. His daring ride was right on the edge without loosing it, he powered down the straights, reckless maybe but the lad maintained control in and out of each corner to steer his way into the record book setting a new target to beat.
In the 8-12 year old Group 1 Roadie Pursuit, new youth rider Logan Demochaux was a cycling packman chomping up the riders in front, however he had to give it everything to overcome Ayo Lawal, the last remaining rider out of five starters and his final obstacle to victory in this exhausting event. Group 2 (8-12s) was won by Alexander Dmochowski in another desperate and chaotic pitched battle on bikes. He needed to work very hard on the way to picking up appropriately named and talented female rider Charley Dash (3rd) and 2nd placed Henry Boateng. The 12 -15s Group 1 was won by Clem Berrill, 2nd place went to Deonte Benoit-Jackson & Danniel Passam came 3rd.
Starter Kyroah Pang did not finish, he cooked it to far during the chase, leaning over until grip was lost and he went to ground. Suffering a minor abrasion to his left hip he said "It's just a flesh wound but the bike is ok!". Numero uno in group 2 was Jake Wilkinson who out paced his twin brother Ryan Wilkinson who came 2nd. The 3rd placed rider was Bella Dmochowska. Of the five starters in this race Bella drew the loudest applause for her fierce, spirited but in vain refusal to give up in the face of Ryan's relentless pursuit. In the Devil Take the Hind Most and Scratch races notable rides came from Javon Benoit-Jackson who came out top in both of his 8-12 group events and Logan Demonchaux-Irons who won his Group 1 'Devil' race. Another promising performance came from Javon's older brother Deonte Benoit-Jackson who competed very well against seasoned racers in his 13-16s scratch race group to achieve third place. Kyroah Pang won both 13 - 16s massed start races and put himself on top of the leader board for the overall champions prize. On the final Sunday, Kyroah's rival, training partner and club mate Tao G Hart will be back with a view to claim back his top spot. This tussle will be interesting to see.
In advance, the organisers would like to thank the sponsors, the riders, parents and volunteers who have made this series possible. We're now focusing on making the final day extra special. Championship trophies and medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed competitors will be presented soon after the last race. Prizes & recognition for all riders will be handed out and expressed also. As requested last Sunday there will be a girls only race (we have enough now) and the adults will not get away with just doing a time trial...there will be a 10 lap adult's scratch race too.

Tuesday 11 August 2009

Up-date: Grass Track Cycle Racing Summer League 2009

The first two weeks of CCH's inaugural grass track cycle racing league have proved to be a popular attraction to many youths in Hackney with 25 young people joining the races last Sunday and 18 youngsters racing during the session on our opening Sunday August 2nd. Also in attendance were a good number of parents and adult riders. Given the recent down pours we've had, on the day the weather conditions were clement and the clouds parted to make way for periods of sunshine. Under foot the ground held firm, we had short uncut daisy length grass to ride on that provided grip enough around the track bends.
Day 1 Event 1 TT (Time Trial) A stunning ride came from Tao G Hart who at 14yrs provided the fastest flying lap by covering 200m in 21.00 seconds, a course record for all comers still standing after week two. 17 year old Clem Berill came second with a time of 22.07s and Kyroah Pang (14) came 3rd with 22.28s.
In the under 12s
'roadie pursuit' where four riders start at equal points around the track and compete by attempting to take each other out of the race (without making contact of course) by over taking riders ahead. Sounds simple? Ned O'Regan eventually over came all his adversaries to win after being locked in a lengthy and grueling bout of attrition cycling. He finally erased the resistance put up by the last rider rolling, battling Alexander Dmochowski, who in the end had to settle for second place. To follow this gritty display Ned stepped up again to defeat all opposition in the under 12s five lap scratch race by swooping in the final 100m to eclipse Ayo Laval's gallant effort to win just 3m before the finish line. Third place went to Bede G Hart who rode well against on form opponents.
In the under twelve & girls elimination race or Devil Take the Hindmost there was keen competition between two under 16 cyclists Bella Dmochowska and Matilda O'Regan (Alexander & Ned's older sisters) who both produced an exciting sprint finish - Bella won it by a tyres width spoiling a possible family double celebration by the O'Regans.
Our loan bikes were provided by the Met Police (Genesis Flyers) and the new youth size track cycles from Isla Bikes (which were a huge hit) came courtesy of the series sponsors; London Cycling Campaign.
Week two brought more riders and a return of those keen to try again at figuring out what it takes to get around with the leaders and push on for a win.

The points score board after two weeks will be posted shortly

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