Thursday 29 July 2010

2010 National Youth Circuit Championships

Two CCH youth riders Tao G Hart & Alex Peters did very well in the 100+ rider National Youth Circuit Championships held at Hog Hill last Saturday 24th July. 

Reports and pics here & here

1 Germain Burton De Ver
2 Alex Peters CC Hackney @ 11 secs
3 Harry Tanfield Velo 29
4 Chris Latham Sport City Velo
5 Christopher Lawless Sport City Velo
6 Sam Lowe Raleigh Avanti
7 Jonathan Dibben Hargroves Cycles
8 Ollie Wood Aire Valley RC
9 Harry Franklin Hargroves Cycles
10 Tao Hart Geoghegan CC Hackney

Dunwich Dynamo 2010

Mission completed - the 18th Dunwich Dynamo 120mile ride.
We arrived on Sunday 10am after leaving at 8pm on Saturday evening.
The youngsters; Bella, Ned, and Alex all completed the ride along side parents; Wojtech, Harry, John and myself.
Transport was five normal bikes and one Tandem (Wojtech Pilot, Alex Stoker).
We didn't have any mechanicals or injuries which was incredible!

Our kids attracted lots of attention as they were the only youngsters on the ride. Club mate Patrick Field shared his sarnies with us when he saw us at 6am sitting on a grass verge not so far from Dunwich.

Cheers Andy O'Regan

Monday 26 July 2010

Giuliana Molinari - Avenue Verte Dieppe to Paris

As one of the CCH fundraisers and new to cycling I decided to try out  the French part of the new prospective route from the London Olympic site to Paris. The Avenue Verte/Greenway is a joint Anglo-French initiative helped by Europe, to develop a largely traffic free route between Paris and London (via the Newhaven - Dieppe ferry) for cyclists, walkers and horse riders. It is hoped a route will be in place for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

For the map of the French part of the route please look at the following link which is the one I followed  

Route map

The Dieppe to Paris route is approx 119 miles long. The first 40 miles are on a disused railway that passes beautifull villages where you can stop for food. It then becomes rolling hills for about 60 miles and then you enter the outskirts of Paris for the last 20 miles,  which are very busy, but there are great cycle paths pretty much throughout the city.  I would recommend getting  a detailed map of Paris to help once in the city.
You can split the cycling into  one, two or three days  depending on your fitness. On the first day of the tripThursday 24th June we cycled 40 miles and on the second  Friday 25th June we cycled 80 miles and reached Paris.  We then returned on the Eurostar. There were a number of other british cyclists following the route so it is becoming more popular.   

If you want to do the route with children I would suggest doing just the first 40 miles on the Avenue Verte and saying in the  beautiful campsite at Neufchatel en Bray or in one of their hotels  and then returning the same way back to Dieppe. I noted quite a few french school groups doing that part of the route. 

Its a great trip for cyclists of all levels... Salut Giuliana

Tuesday 13 July 2010

CCH squad preparing to defend their 2009 LYGs title

Here are some images of this years Hackney London Youth Games cycling squad during training prior to their winning effort at Crystal Palace - it did not 'just happen'! The first picture is of the group in Essex and the others were taken whilst on a residential training camp in France, Pas de Calais at beginning of June.
Only three riders from the 2009 triumph returned to ride in this years LYGs, four of the new draft to join the squad came out of Interlinkx CIC's Wednesday evening youth bike maintenance project held at 1, Olympus Square, Nightingale Estate, London E5 8PL.

Monday 5 July 2010

CC Hackney win the 2010 London Youth Games cycling event for Hackney borough

Saturday 3rd July 2010
This year the sun shone again for Hackney's cycling team who over came tougher competition than in 2009 to pull off a memorable and impressive back to back victory. Coaches Keir Apperley, Andy O'Regan and Joseph Alberti led a team of ten Cycling Club Hackney's youth riders (CCH) aged 12-15 years old to the 2010 London Youth Games. The event that took place at Crystal Palace saw the team attempt to retain their 2009 title. Also showing their support on the day were a good number of parents, friends and fellow cyclists.
The race is based on cycling as an individual time trial where the fastest three rider's times out of each age group of up to four riders are added together to make the final aggregate score. The U16's covered 2.3km (2 laps) and the U18's covered 5km (4 laps). The team had to wait until after the last riders of the day had finished to find out that they had done enough to secure the fastest combined time overall. The under 16's youth quartet finished a creditable fourth in the morning session but it was not until the juniors got going in the afternoon that they went on to realise the 2010 LYG's title by winning the under 18s section, in doing this they also gained a maximum of 50 points for the borough. All of the riders in the junior group showed maturity above their years by 'riding up' against opposing riders who were older than them, something for other London boroughs to take note of in the years to come.
CCH’s Tao Geoghegan Hart recorded the fasted time of the day with an astonishing 7m 13s (an event record) while his team mate Alex Peters was not far behind on 7m 22s. Both times meant that these two lads were traveling at an average speed of around 42kmph (26mph) on a tight, technical and hilly circuit.

Mahmoud Soboh - Jorrell Brown - Tashan Williams - Ned O'Regan (front) - Tao G Hart - Sebastion Giraldo - Bryan Koko - Sean Glendinning - Tom Walsh - Alex Peters

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