Saturday 17 April 2021

The 14th CCH annual Ronde Chelmsford 2021

The 14th CCH annual Ronde Chelmsford 2021 (Meet 8am Sunday 2nd May depart 8.30) The CCH Ronde C is an open social ride for experienced cyclists. The distance is about 90miles/150km - please feel welcome to join us, riding for our outreach community projects, diversity and cycle sport for all. Voluntary donations to be accepted on the day via card reader.  A page at cycling club with more information, including a shorter route option is to be posted soon.

Tuesday 13 April 2021

CC Hackney's 2019 speedsuit made by Velotec - in racing mode for 2021

CC Hackney's 2019 speedsuit (3D view) made by Velotec then the Covid 19 pandemic happened. 
                                      2017           2019               2008 (classic)

In 2021 lookout for the club racers going at speed in this fine-looking garment at a cycle race this year!


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