Monday 30 August 2010

Rainy Ride to Waltham Abbey

A well earned lunch at the riverside cafe at Waltham Abbey

Nine intrepid CCH juniors opted for a rainy ride up the River lea to Waltham Abbey last thursday, taking in a look at the new Olympic white water facility - as if they weren't wet enough...
Well done to all especially the younger members Elliot, Sam and Artie who took the 25 mile round trip in their stride.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Tatem Park Track Training and the Last of the Herne Hill Track League

Shaquille and Jake lead out the riders.

Saturday saw a good turnout when twelve CCH juniors travelled up to Tatem Park in Edmonton with Andy and Neil to check out the roller skating track for training purposes. Although its only a half hour cycle ride away we decided to go by train to maximise the time spent on the track. A short ride from the club house to Rectory Road station followed by a ten minute ride to Silver Street saw us there in 20 minutes.

Tatem Park's 225m track

New members Elliot and Jack slotted right into the training and everyone posted good times on a 1 lap standing start. thanks to Anna and newcomer to the club Dave for helping out - the kids put him through his paces when they were doing "behead the snake" - but he did say he wanted do more cycling so...

CCH juniors at Tatem Park

Herne Hill -
Logan and Ned start off in the Keirin.

Saturday afternoon also saw the Grand Finale of the Track League at Herne Hill Velodrome with regulars Ned and Logan taking part in six races. These included a Keirin and Le Mans style start followed by a 1 lap dash which entailed running from one side of the track to the other finding your bike and jumping on. Peter ensured it was harder than it sounds by tangling up the bikes and hiding some of them over the rails.

Ned and Logan in the Keirin

Full results of the Track League and final standings can be found here -

The chaos of the seniors le Mans dash

Monday 23 August 2010

Bike Escape - Young womens visit to Eastbourne

Friday 20th August
A good group of young women from Hackney made the journey to Eastbourne (bike-train-bike) and enjoyed an afternoon on the Sussex coast, taking in views from the sea cliffs, a stole on the peer and of course fish and chips by the sea side.
Young person Matilda O'Regan from CCH arranged the trip, she found it enjoyable, was pleased with the turnout and is looking forward to setting up more excursions along the same lines.

Sporting Kai Watts receives a CCH loan bike

Nightingale Estate resident, CCH member and keen sports person Kai Watts (who is nearly eight) was presented with a fine red Isla Bike last Saturday afternoon. The bike that is on loan to Kai was handed over by one of CCH's U13''s coaches Neil Irons. This support is in recognition of Kai's exceptional enthusiasm for sporting activity, especially towards running and cycling. Well done Kai - keep on running, keep on pedaling!

Friday 13 August 2010

Hackney Young Womens Bike Escape group check out Richmond Park

Friday 13th was lucky for some because clouds and showers gave way to late summer sun just as a trio of Hackney riders did a lap of Richmond Park during their reconnaissance of the route and area.

Young person Aimee Webb plus two adults Keir Apperley and Nicola Baboneau traveled to Richmond with their bikes using the North London Link over-ground train direct from Dalston Kingsland train station. The journey took about 50m using new and improved rolling stock that made the trip a pleasure as well. Bikes can be taken on the train but not during the rush hours. More info on this topic can be found here and here. On the way back it was agreed that HYWBE should return again with more in attendance.

This visit is part of the Hackney Young Womens Bike-Escape programme (initiated by CCH) that is to encourage young women to get out and about on bikes. The project is supported by the Youth Opportunities Fund via Hackney Council.
Friday 20th August is the date for the planned visit to Eastbourne - report and pictures to follow.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Grass Track Fun at Mill Fields Fun Day

Riders line up for the start of the cops and robbers chase.

Sunday 1st of August saw CCH riders out in force for a Grass Track meet at the Millfields fun day. Many local youngsters joined in with the girls outnumbering the boys. The racing was competitive and fun - especially when two police cyclists joined in for a Cops and Robbers version of the Devil. They managed to catch a good number of riders including Patrick Fields but would need to upgrade their bikes if they want to catch our boys.

Shaquille going strong in the Scratch.

Shiva gets going in the Girls individual pursuit.

Full results below -
Grass Track Cycle Racing – Millfields 1/8/10
Individual time trial - Girls Individual time trial – Boys
1 Jessie Feeney Davies – 11 y/o - 24.75 secs 1 Bede Geoghan Hart – 10y/o – 24.41 secs
2 Shiva Abolzadeh – 11 y/o - 24.84 2 Logan de Monchaux-Irons 10y/o – 24.62
3 Shakila Abolzadeh – 12y/o – 35.54 - mtb 3 Alex Dmochowski 11y/o – 25.37
4 lauren Mooney – 9y/o - 38.75 - mtb 4 Ned O’Regan - 12y/o – 25.72
5 Jeanie Weaver – 10y/o – 43.81 - mtb 5 Shaquille Eusebe – 11y/o – 26.91
6 Shaziah Hafesti – 8y/o – 44.28 - mtb 6 Artie O’Regan – 9y/o – 27.44
7 Charley Weaver – 9y/o – 47.56 - mtb 7 Isaac Kostley – 10 y/o – 31.06
8 Zainab Giasia – 8y/o – 51.09 – mtb 8 Michael O’Hall – 11y/o – 34.03
9 Adina Gibb – 11y/o – 51.59 – bmx 9 Mack Mooney – 6y/o - 47.44
10 Mindy Addison 6y/o – 1.01.67 - 10 Robbie de Monchaux-Irons – 5y/o – 54.50
11 Sonny Addison 5y/o – 1.28.18 - 11 Ruben Mooney - 4y/o – 1.03.22

Scratch Race – Girls
Heat 1
1 Zainab
2 Jeannie
3 Shaziah

Heat 2
1 Shiva
2 Jessie
Scratch Race – Boys
Heat 1
1 Shaquille
2 Isaac
3 Artie
Heat 2
1 Bede
2 Logan
3 Ned

Individual Pursuit – Girls
1 Shiva & Jessie – dead heat
Roadie Pursuit – Boys
1 Isaac
2 Artie
3 Shaquille
4 Michael
Heat 2
1 Logan
2 Bede
3 Alex

Devil – Girls
1 Lauren
2 Jeannie
3 Adina

Devil – Boys
1 Bede
2 Logan
3 Ned

Monday 2 August 2010

CCH on the Tourmalet

Tuesday the 20th of July saw us atop the Col du Tourmalet awaiting the big boys so Logan got to work with the chalk supplied by Livestrong. Armstrong led the way up then the big crowd got really going - booing Contador as he went past - we didn't know he'd apologised to Schleck by then but there were enough spaniards cheering him anyway.

The day was hot but slightly cooler than the day before when logan had his first go at conquering the Tourmalet - the baking heat saw us turn around with under 6km to go to the summit - Logie looked like he was going to boil.

Still he was in good company as he helped push Mark cavendish up the last few meters the next day. The rest day saw the rain bucket down but it let off enough for us to do a 22km climb up to Gavarnie followed by a disappointing descent into a headwind. The following day saw the epic duel between Contador and Schleck we stayed in Luz St Saveur to watch them go past then caught the rest on the big screen in the square - a lot more than we would have seen up in the clouds. The next day we tackled the Tourmalet again - stopping only for biscuits Logan rode the 20km to the misty top in just under 2 hours. He was going better than me towards the end as the effects of the previous days wine tastings began to tell.

We arrived in time to watch Cav' win another stage in the bar at the top.
More pictures of the Tour and our rides can be seen here.

Sunday 1 August 2010

every picture tells a story

Sunday training ride into Hertfordshire 01/08/10
Keir, Joseph, Alex & Clem soon after the sprint for 'Nasty'
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