Friday 23 December 2016

Xmas party at Nightingale

Pulling crackers at the xmas party
 CCH youth riders at the Nightingale enjoyed a xmas party after training last Saturday. The mild weather meant we could set up the roller racing rig outside along with the pedal powered sound system and pedal powered smoothie maker - even it had been cold there was plenty to keep the ridders warm. Inside there were tables groaning with food which somehow disappeared quite quickly.
Have a great xmas and we'll see you back in the new year on the 7th.

Oscar's phone provided the xmas tunes through the pedal powered sound system

Roller racing

The pedal powered smoothie maker in action

Adults getting in on the action.

Jess represents CCH at the National Talent Camp

Jess front row with pink crown at the national talent camp.

Last weekend Jess Feeney Davies was oe of the attendees at the British Cycling National Talent Camp at Loughborough University - here's a few words from Jess on what sounded like an excellent experience -


I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity for the talent camp at Loughborough! It was one of the best experiences ever!!! Surrounded my others, especially other girls who share the same passion for sport! Despite having to get up at 5:45am & not getting into rooms till 10:30pm, I managed to learn so much about everything! 
I learnt about myself as a person and as a coach, through sessions with British Cycling and Youth sport trust on 'coaching philosophy', I was with a complete group of strangers for four days but at the end they definitely did not feel like strangers!! We bonded and learnt so much from each other, its hard to sum up the experience but it was a very very excellent experience and I have taken so much from it and will definitely be using in my coaching, my future plans and just my life!!! 
Thanks again, 
- Jess 
and heres a few pics 

Thursday 22 December 2016

Seasons greetings & HNY 2017 - It's CCH's & Interlinkx CiC's tenth year...2017

CC Hackney's parent company Interlinkx CiC (who is in charge of CCH's house and home(s) as well as leading on community outreach) is celebrating ten years since founding in 2007. CC Hackney also came into being later in the same year so expect more special events and occasions to mark this anniversary in 2017.

Monday 19 December 2016

CCH BMX group at LVV


Images of CCH's BMX group enjoying world class quality track time at the Lea Valley Velopark last Saturday. The session was tutored by Joe of Hackney BMX Club. As well as doing 'flat land' warm up drills around bunny hopping and manuals, riders learned and practiced techniques for cornering berms and tackling competition gate starts. 
A new programme (CCH BMX Group Pt2) is set to start again in the 3rd week of January. Eight riders from this group have expressed an interest in signing on for BMX races at novice category in 2017.


Monday 12 December 2016

CCH BMX youth training course update

CCH's BMX youth training course (Pt1) that is funded by the London Community Foundation, is coming to a conclusion next week with a two hour session on the Olympic standard BMX track at Lea Valley Velopark. After six weeks of pump track training at Hagerston PT our group is looking forward to practicing their acquired skills on the full size track with a start gate to use as well.

The LVV session is from 4-6pm on Saturday 17th December, meeting at LVV direct for 3pm or at the Concorde Centre by 2.45pm.
Priority is for riders who have been attending the build up pump track sessions but there may be spaces available. Please contact the organiser Keir Apperley if applying to book a place for this. A group of riders from Hackney BMX club will also be in attendance for the session. They'll be able to help raise the game and give our learner riders how it's done; demonstrations, advice and tips.

The next day many from this group took part in a town ride extra to Greenwhich Park, report and more pictures here.

Photographs taken during this Saturday's training on the newly resurfaced pump track: 

Friday 9 December 2016

Herne Hill Velodrome - development update

"The Herne Hill Velodrome’s new pavilion is about to be completed.

The big dream of the Save the Velodrome Campaign is about to become a reality.

But if that pavilion is going to do its job and secure Herne Hill’s future for another 125 years it needs to be fully functional. It needs fitting out.

Unfortunately that fit out is not yet funded.

This is why the Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome have launched The Big Finish, a crowdfunding campaign to pay for everything the new pavilion needs.

We’re asking for donations to that campaign. In return we’ve got heaps of top rewards on offer, including your name on a seat in the refurbished grandstand.

Go to and see what we’ve got to give you for giving to us.

This is the final phase of the Save the Velodrome Campaign.

This is the lunge for line.

This is: The Big Finish

Rob McAuliffe (HHV)

Tuesday 22 November 2016

CC Hackney welcomes new Junior riders and coach

Sham, Zemi (coach) Fnan & Haben
Introducing our new junior members who are taking part in the Fullgas winter circuit series at Lee Valley Velopark. They hail from Eritrea and join our existing Eritrean junior member Robiel to raise our contingent into a notable force - that's almost a pursuit squad
These races are on Saturday afternoon, they join some of our adult racers as a team and any support and interest during these events would be most welcome and appreciated. That's Saturday afternoons at the Velopark.

Monday 14 November 2016

A remembrance day ride to the seat of UK power and the Battle of Cable Street

Reporting Cycling Club Hackney & Interlinkx CiC's youth group trip from the Concorde Centre in Homerton earlier today: It was a memorable east west town ride on remembrance Sunday. Shortly after pausing for thought at 11am on Cable Street, we stopped to reflect again while checking out the Battle of Cable Street memorial.

Our route was via the River Lea & Regents canal tow paths to enter Victoria Park to rejoin Regents canal TP to Lime House Basin. From here it was all the way along the well used CS3 super highway heading west (cycles only- nice1:)  We came back the way we came, making it a fine day out. 

Tower power!

Tuesday 25 October 2016

CCH Youth Hill Climb 2016

Saturday 22/10/16 - Springfield Park

Milton storms up the hill to win the U10 category.

Thirty nine riders took part in the annual CCH Youth Hill Climb at Springfield park last Saturday. Once again the short sharp slope provided a stern test for the riders but they all rose to the challenge.

Anna wins the U10 girls category.

Following on from his recent commanding victory in the YHPSCL hill climb Milton Higgot once again turned on the style to win the under 10s category in ian impressive 27 seconds.
U10 results -

no' age name time place
2 U10 Milton Higgot 27.21 1
10 U10g Anna Ventris 31.24 1
7 u10 Milo Hack-Lazzari 31.48 2
3 u10 Elliot Marsden 32.31 3
8 u10 Murray Gray 32.74 4
6 u10 Che Forbes 33.59 5
5 U10 Laurie McPhillips 34.48 6
31 U10 Jahvann Menzie 35.72 7
35 u10  Jacob Ukote 39.25 8
37 U10 Jusane Menzie 45.07 9
1 U10 Hugh Andrews 45.3 10
13 U10 Jericho Russo Velardi 47.45 11
9 U10 Remi Artis 49.32 12
11 U8 Harris McGrandle 50.38 13
17 U10 Abderraouf Rahmani 1.11.13 14
39 u8 Arthur Steer 1.54.58 15

Tom on his way to first on the U12s.
Esther came first in the U12 girls.
In the under 12s Tom Bardill put 5 seconds into his nearest challenger finishing in 23 seconds.
U12 results -
no' age name time place
15 u12 Tom Bardill 23.58 1
27 u12 Conrad Couzin 28.94 2
12 u12 Robin Steer 29.3 3
26 U12g Esther Ramsay 30.26 1
14 U12 Robbie de Monchaux-Irons 30.46 4
28 U12 Rueben Couzins 31.56 5
30 u12 Oliver Hunt 31.64 6
16 U12g Ella Jacobs 33.88 2
18 u12 Abderrahim Rahmani 34.99 7
40 u12 Unais Dowbou 38.4 8
36 u12 Jose 39.66 9
32 U12 Ryan da Costa 40.02 10
38 u12 Michael Ukote 52.75 11

Kai going for the win in the U14s.

Charlie first U14 girl.
In the under 14s Kai took the  win with 21 seconds whilst Charlie came second and first girl on 25 seconds.

U14 Results -
no' age name time place
21 U14 Kai Watts 21.54 1
22 u14g Charlie Dash 25.76 1
20 u14 Finn Wilson 26.4 2
23 u14 Sam Rowell 27.59 3
19 u14 Sebastian Sandham 28.23 4

Logan - fastest on the day.
Fresh from last weeks effort up Mott Street Logan missed out on his best time set last year finishing at 18 seconds this time round with Henry just missing out on dipping below 20 seconds.

U16 results - 
29U16Logan de Monchaux-Irons18.881
34JHenry Boateng20.672
24u16Christopher Deal23.763
25u16Edmund Ross26.074

Full set of Andy Bardill photos - click here.
Podium photos below.
u10 podium

u12 girl podium

u12 podium

u14 podium

u16 podium

Wednesday 5 October 2016

CCH rise up at the Urban Hill Climb

Rob sets off.

Richie at the start
 CCH was represented in all categories at last weekends Urban Hill climb - bar the women and the cargo bike categories (where were you Patrick?). A rainy start to the day made for tricky conditions in the shady parts of Swains Lane up by Highgate cemetery. At around 900m long and starting off at 6% rising to 18% gradients its a short, sharp brutal climb not made any easier by hundreds of spectators screaming and ringing cow bells in the riders ears. 200 or so riders took part in a well organised event run by Rollapaluza.
For those not taking it too serious the cargo bike event entertained - 25kg with a passenger on top of that - for others such as Calvin it was time to divest his bike of all extra weight - of went the bottle cages, bar tape and plugs - holes drilled in the saddle... It must have made some difference as he finished 12th overall.

Selected placings and times -

- 12th Calvin Cheung - 1.33 - 6th male seed.
- 26th Logan de Monchaux-Irons - 1.39 - 4th youth.
- 50th Saul Busby Cozic - 1.44 - 10th male seed.
- 61st Euan McNicol - 1.48 - 7th youth.
- 66th Rob Tutt - 1.50 - 43rd open male.
- 92nd Callum Pike Mullins - 1.55 - 10th youth.
- 106th Clive Leper - 1.58 - 15th vet.
- 119th Declan Ruane - 2.01 - 75th open male.
- 136th Richie benson - 2.06 - 80th open male.
Full results here. More pics and videos here.

Next up  on Sunday 16th October  at Mott Street for the ELV hill climb sign on from 8.45am at the car park at High Beech - see you there.

Logan chasing down the rider in front.
Rob on the flatter bit??
Callum hitting the steep section.

Euan leaving it all on the road - apologies to the residents

Logan with that look all hill climb riders know ...

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