Monday 30 March 2020

***Due to the impact of Covid 19 CCH is reducing 2020/19 membership by 50% all year***

2020/19 Membership due from 31st March

***Due to the impact of Covid 19 CCH has reduced the 2020/21 membership fees by 
50% all year***

All the best to all from all at CC Hackney!

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Saturday 28 March 2020

Youth group sessions go online

In the absence of live club meetings for the time being, coaches will be in contact with youth group members initially by phone. To follow up CC Hackney's youth can stay in touch and are invited to attend real time video chat sessions once the channels have been properly tested and checked. The secure applications we are able to start with going forward are whatsapp, Zoom and Jitsi

Staff will be on duty  Saturdays 10am -12 noon (all things cycling, health and fitness)
Tuesdays 5-7pm (bike maintenance special)

Connect club coach and general manager Keir Apperley
Connect club coach and assistant manager Neil Irons

Youth club chat sessions are restricted to CC Hackney's coaches and members only. 

Wednesday 25 March 2020

News from CCH management and Dave Carr

Dear CC Hackney members, friends and associates,
I hope this email finds you in good health and that you are finding your way during this difficult time. Currently going by bike is still allowed for daily short, light exercise and for commuting to Government permitted workplaces. Just to remind you that we should all take extra care not to have an accident that could involve depending on NHS resources during the increasingly critical times coming up - do be extra careful when moving around.
Long time and original CCH club member Dave Carr is a NHS critical care nurse at St. Thomas's Hospital central London. Many of you know him well and he is universally regarded as a legend and a top bloke. Dave's going to be very busy in the weeks ahead, staffing his ward during this challenging time. I've been keeping in touch and as requested baked a cake for him to share with his colleagues at work. He said to me that he would be delighted and boosted if CC Hackney could become one of the known supporters of the ward he is on (i.e. they want more cake!)  

Dave Carr - "Any small gesture coming in to support NHS front line staff here really does help and it carries us" 

For a good while we're to be living differently and contributing to a global, collective effort to get free from the covid virus - let's do this. 

Plan your days well, stay in touch with CC Hackney and keep looking forwards.

Something for your diary tomorrow:
Given the situation and dependance we all have on the NHS, tomorrow evening, Thursday at 8pm there is to be a standing applause for all at the NHS especially our front line workers and let's not forget all the key workers too.

All the best to you, stay safe and responsible, we got this!

Keir Apperley

Manager/lead coach Cycling Club Hackney (CiO)

Dave Carr

Update - Sunday 5th April 2020
Today I met up with our Dave before his next shift (AT TWO METRES DISTANCE!!) to bring him another ward cake and his CCH head of 1st Aid staff T-shirt. Dave told me that he and his team at a London Hospital critical care ward are ready to take on whatever Covid 19 brings in the coming weeks. As he's also the Union representative there and he's extra busy with union members urgent concerns about the lack of personal safety equipment. 
Dave Carr on duty
"Our workers are more than ready to fight on the front line but deeply resent being sent into the battle without shields (PPE) We're actually putting ourselves at risk of contagion and serious life threatening disease this way. And every staff member that goes off sick will result in more people dying - it's not acceptable; the Government must deliver on this aspect ASAP" 
DC the cyclist  "I got out for a mentally refreshing ride this morning, the clean air and audible bird song was lovely. I was also impressed by the 'distance' behaviour of all the other cyclists"

Before parting we mused on not wanting to be the one cyclist turning up at A&E with a collision injury - something to bare in mind people!

Keep it up Dave and everyone, stay fit and well.


Dear CC Hackney members,
During the period of covid19 special measures our regular club sessions are going to be replaced by on-line drop in two way chats lead by your usual coaches. And we will build up a video bank of short clips presented by our staff, for cycling techniques and cycle maintenance and other useful additions - some not strictly cycling related. 
The usual apps are to be used and we are going to trial HouseParty for the drop in and check in club sessions too. 
Youth members are encouraged to go on-line to engage with their club's coaches and other members during these session times. 
Elsdale 9.00-11.00am
Concorde 9.30-11.30am 
Fawcett 5-7pm

Adults - we are looking to set up 'CCH coffee shop' in good time too.  

Membership 2020/21
Due to the lock down (and also because we don't want to lose you!) membership from 31st March will be half price for the whole year. 

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Corvid 19 & Cycling Club Hackney

Dear members, friends and associates,

Based on our NGB's (national governing body) British Cycling's up to date information, advice and guidance; we have to suspend and postpone all of our club rides, activities and events with immediate effect. This civic position is set to last at least until April 30 with ongoing reviews. Our action is based on current government guidance for people to maintain social distancing, unnecessary travel, gatherings and contact with others: especially here in London. It's in order to minimise and/or prevent any Corvid 19 viral transmissions.
CC Hackney will continue to track NGB news and return to our activities as soon as as the conditions allow. CCH communications will be keeping you updated by WhatsApp, email and a new YouTube or Vimeo channel (get ready!) on a regular basis.
You can check the government advice at
At this moment in time it's still possible to cycle outdoors solo or as a pair (at least 2 metres apart) but not in groups and certainly not as a CC Hackney club gathering.

Stay well, keep your spirits up for the duration, we will be functioning fully in good time.

Best wishes and thank you for your understanding support,

CC Hackney management

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