Monday 23 April 2018

Junior Women's Giro and CCHackney Primavera 2 Cima -results

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd April 2018
Stage 3 action from the Junior Women's Giro at Great Thurlow

Glorious sunshine set the backdrop for two days of racing organised by CCHackney over the weekend. The second event in our annual Primavera circuit races was this year transported to Hoghill as the supporting races for the inaugural running of the Junior Women's Giro - round 2 of the new National Junior Women's road race series.

Stage 1 -Podium - Alanna 3rd , April 1st and Corinne 2nd.

Saturday was an early start for the Junior women with Stage 1's first rider off at 9am in a  technical 1 lap time trial clockwise round he Redbridge circuit finish up the alpine section. By keeping it so short we were looking for close time gaps for the overall and so it proved with only 37 seconds between the top and bottom riders. April Tacey - Team 22 -  took the honours in 3min 12 closely followed by Corinne Side - The Racing Chance Foundation - in 3.16 then Alanna Prior- Liv Cycling Club - Halo Cycles in 3.18 rounding off the first podium of the day. Results here.

U8s line up

The Primavera races then took place starting with the youth races, the under 10s raced round the bottom circuit whilst the under 8s raced on the top circuit. Eva Thompson - Ipswich Velo won the girls U8s with Ted Kent Baker - Hillingdon Slipstreamers winning the boys U8s. Anna Lloyd of Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club won the U10 girls with Leon Atkins riding for Hemel Hempstead winning the U10 boys. Results here.
u8 girls podium

u10 girls podium
u10 boys podium

u8 boys 2nd and 3rd

u8 winner

U12s in action

The under 12s were the first riders of the day to tackle the Hoggberg in the heat with Freddy Augburger winning for the boys and Bobbie O'Brien - Lvycc - being the first placed girl. Results here.

u12 boys podium

u12 girls podium

The under 14s were next up with a large field of riders it ended in a bunch sprint with Nathan Hardy winning the boys race whilst  Anoushka Minale - CCHackney - distanced the rest of the girls by some margin. Results here.
Under 14 girls podium

under 14s boys podium

u16 boys podium
The youth A under 16s race saw a break of two riders put some distance into the bunch with Jake Crossley of Colchester Rovers taking first from Harrison Powell - Lvycc in the sprint. Their rapid last lap meant they caught the girls near the top of the hill meaning the girls had to quickly react to the chequered flag going out with Tilly Malbon of Barking & Dagenham CC getting the win. Results here.
u16 girls podium

The seniors raced next with a large field for the 3/4 men's race a bunch sprint looked inevitable and so it proved with Nick Day - Team Milton Keynes - edging out Calvin Cheung - Hub Velo - and Joseph Kaye - Videre Race Team - for th podium spots. Results here.
mens 34 podium
In the women's race Alicia Speake of Team On Form took the win followed by Helen Ralson -Sigma Sport Threo then Helen McKay - les Filles. Results here.
Womens podium
Last up for the Primavera races was the men's 123. Colin Ward of Essex Roads moved clear on lap 5  but was reeled back in on lap 12. A trio took up the lead then from which Sam Christy of TAAP Cervelo moved away on 4 laps to go and though the bunch got nearer he took the win by 5 seconds from the bunch headed by Tim Torrie - Vitus Pro Cycling and Matt Holmes -Arotic-Tacx. Results here.
mens 123 podium
Stage 2 of the Junior Women's Giro followed. This time round Corinne Side took the initiative and broke away - at one point around 30 seconds up. She eventually won by 8 seconds to go first place overnight in the overall. Second on the stage was Kate Wootton for On Form with April Tacey finishing third. Results here.
Junior Womens Giro stage 2 action

Sunday and the racing moved up to great Thurlow - the locals love us up there as we always seem to bring good weather as the course and its surroundings looked fantastic in the bright spring sunshine. The first few laps of the course saw the bunch stick pretty much together then our overnight leader Corinne side punctured and the race began to split. April Tacey and Marie Lynn made the break with April proving the stronger and moving away. her gap got longer with each lap going up to around 4 minutes as the bunch looked at one another and didn't fancy the chase. April came in for a fine solo win then with Kate Wootton and Caitlin peters sprinting out of the bunch to take 2nd and 3rd.
This meant the overall podium went to April Tacey then Kate Wootton and Alana Prior. Full results here. BC report here. Junior womens photo galleries here and here.

 Thanks again to Alan and Susan Loveday from Thurlow Sports Club who made such a lovely spread of refreshments on Sunday. The refreshment donations totalled £112 on Sunday.  This amount twill be given to Addenbrookes Charitable Trust will be made on Wednesday when Susan commences five days radiotherapy on her chest

Winner stage 2 

Podium stage 2
Winner April Tacey and runner up Kate wootton with their prizes
from CCH sponsors Venerdi and Tad.
Feedback - "I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and all the helpers for running such a great event over the weekend. The glorious weather and beautiful surroundings it made a memorable weekend for us, not to mention April commendable win yesterday. I would certainly recommend this event to other junior riders should you choose to run it again."

"Thank you for sorting and thank you for a great weekend racing. "

Monday 16 April 2018

Safety - community leader consultation meeting

Last Thursday evening an urgent, community leader consultation meeting was held. It was called for by Hackney Council in response to the tragic loss of life by a young resident that occurred recently in central Hackney, an incident that has had an impact on all of us. I was in attendance to represent CC Hackney & Interlinkx CiC along with so many youth club leaders, councilors, parents, religious leaders, educationalists and council officers. Also there were the Mayors of Hackney and London; Philip Glanville and Sadiq Khan. At the start a minutes silence took place to remember young Israel Ogunsola, the latest victim to pass away on a road in London.
We were told that this is part of an on going programme and conversation to bring on change to make Hackney safer for everyone. The arrangements were for those present to sit at round tables in assorted groupings to discuss the effect, causes and possible solutions to the resulting climate of fear after rising violent incidents in the borough. By the end, each table would present their main outcomes for the facilitators to record. For my part I contributed by stating that reports of gun and knife crime has caused lower attendance at our youth sessions and that parents are expressing anxiety over their children when they are out of sight. As for the causes I offered my belief that there has been too much of a disconnect between adults and young people in general for too long and that social divisions in Hackney make for a loss of community feeling, guidance and protection for our most vulnerable people. This has exasperated the sense in some youngsters, that there is little hope for them to find a prosperous and successful future. None of this is helped by the austerity policies that are being implemented by central government. Such as the 20% cut in police funding and successive enforced local government spending cuts that have inevitably impaired services, including youth work provisions and structured, inclusive sporting practices.
During the final presentations a young man stood up and quoted the old African saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' and followed up to say that his table had agreed that committed community leaders and role models should be viewed in high regard and especially those who are from, live in and serve the area. Hackney Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Enforcement Caroline Selman was supportive and pleased to know that ICiC and CC Hackney's young adult outreach staff fitted this description. That's Henry Boateng, Kevin Cabey, Michael Anuyagu, Sulaymaan Altamash, Ceasar Bryan and returning original Fawcett leading boy, Sean St Louis. Before leaving I spoke with Mayor Philip Glanville saying that as if it's not hard enough a problem we have already thanks to the spending cuts from powers in Westminster. He said (words to the effect) that Hackney will act smart despite this, and do everything possible to make society changes for the better.

Keir Apperley - let's stay safe and look after people.
Dir. Interlinx CiC & CC Hackney's lead coach/manager.

Members day 2018

Just to say big thanks to everyone who came down to Elsdale Hall last Saturday for our members day. Also much respect and appreciation to the Elsdale Gardening Club for making the space out the back so pleasant and enjoyable. It did become very busy and we were too preoccupied to take any truly representing pictures at the height of the session.

For the record here's the only images we have so far:


Friday 13 April 2018

Membership day reminder - Satuday morning 14th April 9-12

Membership Day
Our Annual get together will be at Elsdale Hall starting 10am

Kit Sale with reduced prices for club members (9am -12pm)
Bike Jumble - bring along bits and kit you don't want anymore. 

Cake bakers welcome!
 All at Elsdale Community Hall, Elsdale Street, London, E9 6PW

Wednesday 11 April 2018

New youth session starting at Elsdale Hall

CC Hackney, Interlinks CiC & local youth club Hackney Quest are coming together to deliver a new youth training session, starting at Elsdale Hall on Tuesday 24th April. 

Hackney Housing are funding this provision. This project is aimed at those new to cycling and group riding, also young people who'd otherwise not get to ride good cycles with qualified coaches.

Monday 9 April 2018

Young volunteers wash Concord's youth & community bikes

Volunteer help for others makes the world go around! 
Last Wednesday Interlinkx CiC and CC Hackney's estate based bike club aspect (at Kingsmead Concorde Centre E9) had plenty of help and good will from youngsters, some of whom don't even go out on the winter rides. It was the time to get down and wash the bikes regularly used on loan to members who do not have their own cycles.

Three down - twenty two to go.

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