Wednesday 19 August 2009

Youth 'B' Riders sign on for Herne Hill track induction

Saturday 10th August 8.30am
Five new club youth 'B' riders made their way to Herne Hill velodrome to attend the morning track induction class, they all passed the tests and found the training on the track exciting. They are looking forward to spending more time on Herne Hill's track and have said they'll be ready to compete in next seasons Wednesday evening track league starting in May 2010.
funding assistance from the Stuart Feakins Trust and the Youth Opportunities Fund something else for this group to look forward to next September is a club residential trip to Lille in northern France close the Belgian border. From there a visit to the famous Roubaix velodrome is planned, they'll see the finish line for the ultimate annual spring classic 'Paris Roubaix'. Also on the agenda is a touring excursion into Belgium and Flanders where the passion and fervour for cycling and cycle racing is matchless.

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