Tuesday 8 July 2008

CCH - Grass Track Racing 4 + Artist's work

Grass track racing anybody?
GTR4 is to be held on Sunday 27th July 2008 at Well Street Common
7pm - 9pm (click on the poster or any other image to get an enlargement)
There will be prizes up for grabs including winners jerseys for each category
Bring your bike & join in - we hope to see you there!

'Artist's work' - Ruth Beale is a Hackney resident and a CCH club rider, here are some details of her latest art project:
Two artists, Ruth Beale and Karen Breneman, are embarking on an art/cycling project with a London-Liverpool cycle ride. The aim is to highlight the enduring existence of long established national cycling clubs and the way they have historically given the working classes a sense of freedom, fellowship and access to the countryside. The planned route is:
23 July London - Clophill (Bedfordshire)
24 July Bedfordshire - Coventry
25 July Coventry - Stoke
26 July Stoke - Liverpool
27 July Discussion event in Liverpool
The route for the first day is to set off from Lower Clapton, up the Lea Valley all the way to Hertford, then on to Clophill, a small village in Bedfordshire. There will be an entourage of more cyclists for the first 20 miles or so, who are expected to go at a slower pace, before getting the train back to London. Karen and Ruth will continue on the leg to Clophill. Cycle Club Hackney members and interested cyclists are invited to join the artists for any leg of the journey- route knowledge welcome!
The artists are also looking for offers of accommodation in Coventry and Stoke (or nearby). They will be on road bikes (not pictured!). Karen is producing a routebook, complete with timings, altitude profiles and special credit to the clubs who have provided assistance. Ruth is organising a roundtable discussion at the end of the journey, which is an artist-residence in Liverpool, with individuals representing various viewpoints on the general subject of cycling and culture.
Contact: ruth_beale@hotmail.com

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