Thursday 5 June 2008

Club Run 31st May 2008

Club Run 31st May 2008
Matthew Harper was hot off the blocks this morning, he is preparing for the Tour de France 2008 (etape). Combined with his champion companions; Lewin Chalkly (sporting a rainbow, Disappearing Over the Horizon, world champions jersey) and our tri-athlete John 'Iron Man' Oliver, a formula for a combustible concoction was found. They were too quick for the customary photo shoot at the Ice Centre but all were later rounded up by telecoms at Buckhurst Hill to be held back momentarily for a snap at the church gates.

New young riders Clem Bidell, David Dryburgh, Freddie Trimble and Felix Robbins joined experienced hands Freya Gannon-Burns & Louis Carpenter to make a massive bargain saving on the average age on this club run. The exuberance of youth was in evidence here but not to be done over, Andy Buckwell, Keir Apperley, Stewart Dennison and Andrew Robbins were all making up for lost time and were not exactly hanging about today either - age crisis? pah!
Our route took us through familiar territory, passing by Theydon Bois, Navestock, Kelvedon Hatch, Blackmore (for tea) and then on through to Winingale, the Easters and back via the Lavers, Moreton and Epping. Quite a long ride actually and perhaps stretching it a little especially for our hero of the day Clem who got round on his suspension mountain bike. Andrew kept Clem's cramping legs fluid buy forcing drinks and cookies his way and much to Clem's credit he rode at the front for the last miles through Epping Forrest, leading the precession who followed behind in honor. We all got back tired and satisfied with the days excursion into Essex. Total distance 120klm.

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