Sunday 27 July 2008

GTR4 - grasstrack race meeting Well Street Common 27th July 2008

Another smashing session of racing on Well Street Common. We forgot our tape measure, so we had to pace the course out, but we reckon it was around 170 150 metres. Then again looking at the times maybe it was less! Anyway, the weather was sultry, the grass was short, and the ground was sun-baked and as bumpy as ever.

As usual, we started with individual time trials, and concluded with some massed-start races. There are some pictures of the event here.

Individual time trials -- one lap, flying start

Start OrderRiderTime
13Mike Kangelos15.8
11Jim Sullivan16.5
14Jason Garfield18.2
7Terry Dolan18.4
4Patrick Field18.5
19Gavin Polkinghorn18.8
24Emma Williams19.4
27Keir Apperley19.5
18James Hoggarth19.8
6Carl Mustafa19.9
21Steve Taylor20.1
16Dan Batchelor20.1
3Jack NYC20.7
26Will Fooks20.7
20Walter Stabb20.9
5Joe Czernuska20.9
1Johnny Wilkinson20.9
2Chris Delia21.1
28Stuart Dennison21.3
12Freya Burns21.6
8Brenda Puech21.7
17Greg Beer21.7
22Stuart Dennison22.0
9Katie Ward22.5
15Ricky Samba22.6
25Will Stewart23.8
23Lydia Ashman24.2
10Mike KangelosDNF

Devil take the hindmost – group B (field of 6)

First: Steve Taylor, Second: Walter Stabb, Third: Chris Delia

Devil take the hindmost – group A (field of 8)

First: Jim Sullivan, Second: Mike Kangelos, Third: James Hoggarth

Scratch race – 10 laps

First: Keir Apperley, Second: James Hoggarth, Third: Patrick Field, Fourth: Joe Czernuska

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