Tuesday 8 July 2008

London Youth Games - coach report

Hackney's youth cycling team did well and achieved the target objective of enjoying the occasion and finishing in the top ten team standings out of thirty two entries. However this has been slightly dampened by the news that our result won't add to Hackney's points tally because we had made to many changes in the squad from the team that had to be submitted to the organisers (according to the rules) three months ago...not the most helpful rule I must say!
Never-mind we had a good day, the riders looked great in the new kit, they recorded some very respectable times at their first attempts and they learnt a lot about cycle racing in the process.
I'm very proud of the squad, saw some fine new talent in action and I look forward to growing from this point onwards to even greater achievements.
Special thanks on behalf of the riders and I to Domonic Hinshelwood from Laburnham boat club who shared in the team management and who also drove the mini bus.

Thank you and good job well done.

Keir Apperley (Youth team coach)

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