Tuesday 27 November 2012

Few sparks on display in the mud at Gunpowder park

Andy after paying close attention to the ditch
The boys were out riding in the London League last weekend for a change - it made sense as the race was up the River Lea at Gunpowder Park near Waltham Abbey. The rain that has been flooding the rest of the country must have been paying particular attention to this part of the Lea Valley making this the wettest cross of the season so far and thats without rain actually falling during the races.

It's fun really- no really

The wetness meant the mud wasn't so grippy more slippy - in fact it was like riding through a lake of clay slip. This meant if you held your line in theory you should stay upright. Frank Ramsay and Artie O'Regan handled it well in the U12s race coming in a very creditable 5th and 8th. Ned O'Regan and Louis Byrne rode in the Youth race both hanging in there on the relentless grind of a course to finish 22nd and 27th. 

Harry with mud attachments
 As is usual with the London Cross League a huge field started the senior race and surpringly given the conditions only 13 riders failed to finish mostly due to broken bikes, like our good friend Stephen Adams  whose top ten finished seemed assured until his cranks realigned themselves. Having snapped a rear derailleur here on previous race I was keeping a good eye on mud build up - this wasn't so much of a problem as the amount of standing water meant the bike got washed off two or three time a lap. Still it took about an hour to clean my bike properly afterwards. Andy finished 66th, Harry 93rd and I came in 81st or 25th, 43rd and 35th in the vets.

I'm smiling as this means that's one less time I'll have to go through that particular 100 metres of torture
Full results here.
More photos here.

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