Wednesday 5 December 2012

CCH Belgium visit Gent Six 2012

Aminur Islam and Tyrrell Greaves talking with Gent Six rider Nolan Hoffman

Tue, 27 Nov 2012 17:09:43 +0000

Dear Keir,
I'm writing to tell about our fantastic trip to
Belgium. Firstly I loved the Eurostar as it was my first time in it. It was really fast this made the journey time shorter. I also loved the Van Gogh youth hostel we stayed in. There was good accommodation, delicious breakfast and a nice chill out room where we could play pool. We ate the best Belgian quality chips for lunch and along with that we ate a baguette with salad and chicken for the next day. For dinner we ate a big chicken sandwich which had salad in it with chips and a drink, it was mouth watering.
Brussels we went to bike shops where we were promoting other people to join us to come to London to see what cycling in London is all about. It was really fun to speak French to people in Belgium.
Finally it was the last day where we went to a velodrome in the Flandrian city of Gent, we watched dernie racing and lots of madison racing. This was really inspirational. The best part in the whole trip for me was to meet a pro cyclist by the name of Nolan Hoffman, he rides for South Africa. Nolan gave me tips and advice about track cycling.

Thank you Keir, Jason and Dodi for taking me, I had a really good time in
Belgium – it was great!

Aminur Islam

 Our group leaving the Van Gogh youth hostel after a good night and on the road for a day tour of Brussels

 Brussels city hall in Grand Place

Keir Apperley, Jason Evans, Tyrrell Greaves, Aldray Butler, Aminur Islam, Henry Boeteng & Nodi Abull
CCH promoters - Super Track Race 01.06.13

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