Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Meeting the Ugandan Cycling Association and Paul Sherwen

 Sam Lebega (UCA general secretary) & Keir Apperley at UCA HQ
UCA President Sam Muwonge. Keir Apperley, Semakula Sebastion, 
Paul Sherwen & Lubega Bumali (Tour de Uganda)

Okello Steven (Lira CC) & Paul Sherwen

Today we visited Tour de France TV commentator and former TDF rider Paul Sherwen who also lives in Kampala. We spoke about cycling in Uganda and what can be done to help speed up progress and create better opportunities for improvement. Paul suggested that top level local cycling athletes need to be found to act as exciting role models leading to attract more interest. He recommended following Jock Boyer's approach of performance testing riders to find sure talent. Jock is currently doing a fine job of leading the coaching programme in the neighboring country of Rwanda. Mr Sherwen agreed that a regional grass roots programme for development would be effective as well. He was interested in the outcomes of the 'Cycling in Uganda' meeting set for next Saturday 11th December at Kampala's Makerere University.

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