Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Friday Navestock 10m TT - GTR Trials

CCH Sec. Keir Apperley clocks CCH's first win in Navestock 11.04.08
Grass track trials on Well Street Common Thursday 1st May - 6.30pm
Haalim Bouderghouma, a former three time junior *Algerian national champion, has joined CCH's coaching staff.
Last Friday 25th April Haalim & I guided young Freya and her friend Louis over to Navestock in Essex for the Beacontree/TEE evening 10m TT . Haalim elected not to compete but Freya, Louis & myself had a go with the youngsters doing an unofficial lap of five miles. They recorded respectable times and I was reasonably happy with my effort. The ride back to town added to the overall distance to make it a nifty fifty mile round trip. The conditions were not so great with a strong breeze and a cool temperature making it hard to focus and really push on.
Before my start I got my foot stuck, lost balance, toppled and got to know the tarmac on a level - it happens hehe.
Credit again to the yoots dem who made light of it and stored up some good mileage and experience for rides and competitions to come.
One lap: Freya = 16m04s Louis (riding a single speed) 18m34s
Two laps Keir 26m39s (sixth place)
All the Navestock 10mTT results can be found in this website:

Thanks Keir

*more later...

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