Tuesday, 1 April 2008

CCH Club run 30.03.08

CCH's 1st Round Chelmsford ride is on next Sunday and the day's main mission was to check that the course was in good working order. We were pleased to find that all 95m were clear to pass; no landslides, fallen trees, boulders or avalanches blocking the route, however it must have rained heavily the night before as there were quite a lot of fords and road rivers to navigate on the way.
A figure hugging figure skater came out of the Ice Centre to see of us off, she wished us "buon fortuna mon braves allez!" before going back to the ice to presumably twirl some more.
What a difference a week makes, the day's weather was changeable but fine.
CCH had a new rider today by the name of Ed on his new racing bike. He hadn't put any miles into his legs since November so it was a really fine showing to get all the way to Ingatestone before testing 'bale-out option two' by taking the train. It worked, although Ed reported that he had to ride to the next stop at Shenfield because of maintenance work. Well done Ed. A credit to John 'the bike' also who was the oldest of the group finishing the 95m np.
The passage to Danbury's 'Tea on The Green' cafe stop was eventful; Dave & John made a wrong turning at Mont Monge Tout (Toot Hill) and required telephone guidance to rejoin with Stu, Ed & Keir. On the other side of Pleshey Ed suffered a double puncture, John & Keir waited to help the repair then the trio formed a working group to chase after Dave & Stu - we found them eating snacks in Little Waltham. Dave won the sprint for Bobbingworth, Keir won at High Easter & Pleshey so takes the green jersey from Dave.
They say you know it when you get to Little Baddow by bike. North Hill is not a cake to eat, and you feel like your body's in a drama half way up and in a trauma by the top.

At Danbury's T' On the Green we dropped off the special 'items of wonder' to be collected by the riders doing the 1st CCH Round Chelmsford next week.

Please check CCH web site for more details.

See you there!


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  1. The weather looks shit!

    But hey it'll be fun...


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