Thursday 13 September 2018

CCHackney Road Race 2018 incorporating the Eastern and South East Regions Junior Men’s Championship

Last years CCH road race.

Cycling Club Hackney is running its annual Road Race incorporating the Eastern and South East Regions Junior Men’s Championship next Sunday 23rd September at Great Thurlow near Haverhill. Its a Regional A category 234 race- start time 10am. The mens race has been merged with the juniors race which was due to take place in the afternoon but due to the low numbers signing up in advance it was deemed a full field is better than two half empty races. As usual its all hands to the pumps to help run this event and thanks all below who have stepped up. There are still jobs need filling so if you can make let me know - otherwise you can bake a cake for the days catering - Cake Club Hackney is the envy of many other race organisations - you can drop these off at the club on the day before or when we meet to leave around 6.30-7am on the day. If you don't bake you can always donate some prize money or prizes for the racers. Anyone needing a lift up with or without bike let me know so you don't get left behind.

Job TitleName
OrganiserNeil Irons
Assistant OrganiserKeir Apperley
Sign on 1Elizabeth de Monchaux
Sign on 2Charlie Dash
First aid HQProsper Watts
CateringIsobel Siddons
CateringThurlow sports club
CateringThurlow sports club
CateringThurlow sports club
Chief Line judge 1John Dash
Line judge2  / Time keeper Neil irons
Line judge 3/results recorderVanna Barber
Photo finish 1Kai Watts
Race phtotographyJon Hemmings
Lead Car 1 driver Ian Toone
Lead car 1 assistantStephen Mckee
Lead Car 2 driver Tom Smith
Lead car 2 assistantLindsay Parker
Chief comm driver Andy Blower
Comm helperHeather Regan
Comm 2 driver Paul Vaux
Mobile first aid driver Sean Feeney
Mobile first aiderJessica Davies Feeney
Service car driver 1 Keir Apperley 
Service assistant 1
Lucian Evans
Marshal covering rec groundProsper Watts
Signage on day HelperLindsay Parker
Signage on day HelperJohn Dash
Advance signageNeil Irons
Advance signageProsper Watts
Advance signageKai Watts
Advance signageLogan de Monchaux Irons
Accredited MarshalsLeonard Gordon
 Rob Baker
 Adrian Ellis
 Andy Lane
 John Dimascio
 Don Keen
 Deena Blacking
 James Asker
 Neil Parry
  Peter Barnes 

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