Wednesday 5 October 2016

CCH rise up at the Urban Hill Climb

Rob sets off.

Richie at the start
 CCH was represented in all categories at last weekends Urban Hill climb - bar the women and the cargo bike categories (where were you Patrick?). A rainy start to the day made for tricky conditions in the shady parts of Swains Lane up by Highgate cemetery. At around 900m long and starting off at 6% rising to 18% gradients its a short, sharp brutal climb not made any easier by hundreds of spectators screaming and ringing cow bells in the riders ears. 200 or so riders took part in a well organised event run by Rollapaluza.
For those not taking it too serious the cargo bike event entertained - 25kg with a passenger on top of that - for others such as Calvin it was time to divest his bike of all extra weight - of went the bottle cages, bar tape and plugs - holes drilled in the saddle... It must have made some difference as he finished 12th overall.

Selected placings and times -

- 12th Calvin Cheung - 1.33 - 6th male seed.
- 26th Logan de Monchaux-Irons - 1.39 - 4th youth.
- 50th Saul Busby Cozic - 1.44 - 10th male seed.
- 61st Euan McNicol - 1.48 - 7th youth.
- 66th Rob Tutt - 1.50 - 43rd open male.
- 92nd Callum Pike Mullins - 1.55 - 10th youth.
- 106th Clive Leper - 1.58 - 15th vet.
- 119th Declan Ruane - 2.01 - 75th open male.
- 136th Richie benson - 2.06 - 80th open male.
Full results here. More pics and videos here.

Next up  on Sunday 16th October  at Mott Street for the ELV hill climb sign on from 8.45am at the car park at High Beech - see you there.

Logan chasing down the rider in front.
Rob on the flatter bit??
Callum hitting the steep section.

Euan leaving it all on the road - apologies to the residents

Logan with that look all hill climb riders know ...

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