Friday 9 December 2016

Herne Hill Velodrome - development update

"The Herne Hill Velodrome’s new pavilion is about to be completed.

The big dream of the Save the Velodrome Campaign is about to become a reality.

But if that pavilion is going to do its job and secure Herne Hill’s future for another 125 years it needs to be fully functional. It needs fitting out.

Unfortunately that fit out is not yet funded.

This is why the Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome have launched The Big Finish, a crowdfunding campaign to pay for everything the new pavilion needs.

We’re asking for donations to that campaign. In return we’ve got heaps of top rewards on offer, including your name on a seat in the refurbished grandstand.

Go to and see what we’ve got to give you for giving to us.

This is the final phase of the Save the Velodrome Campaign.

This is the lunge for line.

This is: The Big Finish

Rob McAuliffe (HHV)

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