Wednesday 9 December 2015

Updates for CCH members attanding HASVC

HASVC news updates for 14th & 15th December 2015

Session plans:
Monday 14th December 4-5pm
Due LVV staff having their Xmas dinner party on this day the track is unavailable for us to use. Instead we will be in the meeting room to support and contribute to the HASVC short movie project that is lead by Austin Edwards's. This is for the historic record and to evidence our work for HASVC's sponsors and funders.
It's feedback the time and an opportunity to provide your comments on film about what HASVC means to you. Some footage will be taken outside with the velodrome behind for added effect.
After this we shall move to another location (a nearby cafe or restaurant) for a staff meeting to prepare for 21st December's double session and AOB. Older age group young riders are welcome to join in and contribute at the stage too.

Bjorn, James, Ryan & Israel

Bjorn, Daniel, Alex & James

Tuesday 15th December
As a special we have the Watt Bike VeloStudio room from 5-6pm. In the first period we will be logging our first SMART goal tests for HASVC riders with some free training training time after these are recorded.

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