Tuesday 22 December 2015

Cometh the hour cometh the team - 35.454 km !

Hackney After School Velodrome Club (HASVC) has produced a clear and tangible outcome in the CC Hackney, Young Hackney, Sported, & Interlinkx CiC sponsored mixed youth group hour setting record attempt: 35.454 km

Well done to all involved, that's riders, parents, the LVV (venue) crew,  officials and staff. A great effort and a new bench mark for other youth groups from around the world to target - game on!


  1. Is 35.454 km a new record? The article doesn't make it clear

  2. Hi Dan - delayed response! To our knowledge there‘s never been an event in this team format. So 35.454km should stand at a first bench mark and a ‘record’.

  3. That was quite a wait but thank you for clarifying!


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