Monday 28 September 2015

CCHackney Late Summer Circuit Races - Results

Clover Murray wins the womens race
The late summer CCH circuit races brought forth the sunshine and a bunch of well contested races especially in the Youth categories. As we suspected there is an appetite out there for road racing in the youth categories that extends beyond July and the nationals - hopefully more organisers will take note of this next year.

Thanks to all CCH members and friends who came down to help out and to Hub Velo for supplying prize bottles. Results below are provisional but having reviewed the judges photos and footage I can't see much to disagree with - especially where points are concerned - however if you spot any glaring errors contact me before Wednesday when I'll post to BC as confirmed results.
I'll also put up a gallery of photos on CCH website once i've looked through them all.

Women E1234 results -
1 Clover Murray Corley Cycles Drop RT
2 Katharine Broadbent Crawley Wheelers
3 Michelle Forster GB Cycles
4 Connie Hayes Cycling Club Hackney
5 Jessica Feeney Davies Cycling Club Hackney
6 Emma Codling Gt Yarmouth CC
Harrison Jones wins the senior 123 race

Senior men cat 123 results
1 Harrison Jones Pedal Heaven RT
2 Alex Richardson Rapha CC
3 Josh Green Catford Banks
4 Rhys Clegg PMR @ Teachin House
5 Adam Cotterell Wyndy Milla
6 Brian Fleming VC Lincoln
7 John Woyton Glendene
8 Patrick Manning Strada Sport
9 Graeme Garner Easterley
10 Fabian Horrocks Velo Schils - Interbike RT
11 Tom Yiangou Neon Velo RT
12 Mike Mooney Cycling Club Hackney
13 Mark Perry All Terrain Cycles
14 Graham Crow Handsling RT
15 Michael Parry
16 Dylan Churchill Achieve Northside
Cat 4 finish

Senior men cat 4 results
1 Christopher  Cure Team Milton Keynes
2 Emmanuel Arthur Finsbury Park
3 Adam Lowe Mickey Cranks CC
4 Noah Faiers Oxted CC
5 Matthew Hardcastle Cycling Club Hackney
6 Simon Robinson Herts Wheelers
7 Benjamin Wrigglesworth G.S. Henley
8 Simon Halloway Dulwich Paragon CC
9 Martin Banfield London Dynamo
10 James Ferguson SD Racing
11 David Clarke Sky Velo
12 Terry Brooks Spirit Bikes Racing Team
13 Andy Bathe Newmarket Cycline
14 Jason Davis East London Velo
15 Henry Taysom LFGSS CC
16 Ryan Allen University of Nottingham SCC
17 Justin Costley Cycling Club Hackney
18 Finn Pike Mullins Cycling Club Hackney
19 Hector Corey Haverhill Cycling Club
20 Dorian Jawoszek Islington CC
Kareem winning the Youth A race
Youth A boys results 
1 Kareem Akinnibi VC Londres
2 Patrick Manning Strada Sport
3 Theo Modell Corley Cycles Drops RT
4 Michael Parry Welwyn Wheelers CC
5 Ryan Green Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
6 Ben Selfe Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
7 Matthew Shepherd Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
8 Adam Colbert Ipswich BC
9 Frank Moore Cycling Club Hackney
10 Gabriel Fowden Cambridge CC
11 Logan de Monchaux-Irons Cycling Club Hackney
12 Isaac Costley Cycling Club Hackney
13 Santiago Cadavid VC Londres
14 Josh Jones NFYO
15 Callum Bulley Corley Cycles Drops RT
16 Elliot Huntley Cycling Club Hackney
Jack  Marshall Barking & Dagenham CC
Zak Stucke
Jose Trejos VC Londres
DNF Austin Sandi-Edwards Cycling Club Hackney
DNF Joshua Ustaran-Anderegg Team Milton Keynes
A & B girls

Youth A girls results
1 Millie Gage Welwyn Wheelers CC
2 Kathryn Anderson Welwyn Wheelers CC
3 Issy Terrie LVYCC
4 Hannah Graveney Kent Velo Kids
5 Connie Hayes Cycling Club Hackney
6 Jessica Feeney-Davies Cycling Club Hackney
Youth B boys Results
1 Christian Manzi Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
2 Liam Hanks Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Louis Bilyard LVYCC
4 Klaidas Lazickas Barking & Dagenham CC
5 Leo Hayter VC Londres
6 Fraser Elsworth West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Club
Finishers not in order -
Milo Chapman Cambridge Junior CC
Conor Dash Cycling Club Hackney
Thomas Macro West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Club
Elliot Malenfant Cycling Club Hackney
Dexter Mansel-Thomas Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
Charlie Marshall Barking & Dagenham CC
Billy Martin Barking & Dagenham CC
Ewan McNicol Cycling Club Hackney
Kevin Ozee Cycling Club Hackney
Callum Pike Mullins Cycling Club Hackney
Harrison Powell Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
Ritchie Selfe Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
Aaron Stone Corley Cycles Drops RT
Erik Suvaryan Limited Edition Cycling
Kai Watts Cycling Club Hackney

Youth B girls results
1 Josie Griffin Welwyn Wheelers CC
2 Sophie Lewis Cycling Club Ashwell
3 Molly Konchesky Barking & Dagenham CC
4 Aimee Zygo Team Milton Keynes
5 Charlie Dash Cycling Club Hackney
6 Jessica Elliot Cycling Club Hackney
Noah Hobbs takes the Youth C win
Youth  C race
Youth C boys results
1 Noah Hobbs Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Luke Prenelle Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3 Charlie Martin Barking & Dagenham CC
4 Sammy Gage Welwyn Wheelers
5 Benji Griffin Welwyn Wheelers
6 Michael Tittley Barking & Dagenham CC
7 Alfie Salmon LVYCC
8 Stan Boyd Cycling Club Hackney
9 Alessandro Sella Cycling Club Hackney
10 William Green Cycling Club Hackney
11 Mack Mooney Cycling Club Hackney
12 Tom Bardill Cycling Club Hackney
13 Oliver Griggs West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Club
14 Matthew Brooker Limited Edition Cycling
15 Thomas Williams Cycling Club Hackney
Melissa Warrilow wins from Maya Teufel Tarlton in Youth C girls
Youth C girls results
1 Melissa Warrilow Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Maya Teufel-Tarlton LYVCC
3 Jasmine Cornelius Barking & Dagenham CC
4 Jodie Taylor Colchester Rovers
5 Iona Moir Barking & Dagenham CC
6 Jasmine Offilen Cycling Club Hackney

Youth D winner Joe O'Brien
Youth D boys results
1 Joe O'Brien Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Owen Prenelle Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3 Calum Moir Barking & Dagenham CC
4 Alfie Cullender Barking & Dagenham CC
5 Serafino Sella Cycling Club Hackney
6 Conrad Cousins Cycling Club Hackney
7 Robin Steer Cycling Club Hackney
8 Ruben Mooney Cycling Club Hackney
9 Robert De Monchaux-Irons Cycling Club Hackney
10 Murray Gray Cycling Club Hackney
11 Elliot Marsden Cycling Club Hackney
Youth D girls results
1 Leah Warrilow Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Bobbie O'Brien Hillingdon Slipstreamers
Youth E boys results
1 Henry Hobbs Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Finn O'Brien Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3 James Warrilow Barking & Dagenham CC
4 Toby Zygo Team Milton Keynes
Youth E girls results
1 Mya Little Barking & Dagenham CC

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