Thursday 3 September 2015

Local business to sponsor CC Hackney

I'm pleased to announce that local Italian restaurant Venerdi on Chatsworth Road are now working together with CC Hackney by supporting a young rider access quality cycle sport. 
To start with, this backing will be by supplying a branded quality road bike to use in races and training. The date for our launch event for this initiative is Tuesday 29th September 2015 from 7pm with fine hospitality at Venerdi 9 Chatsworth Road, London  E5 0LH 
The frame finisher is also a local business called Armourtex, they have a keen interest in this project as does our decal supplier Pegatin
*This event will also serve as our planned victory celebration for our wining London Youth Games team.
Spread the word, hope to see you there! 

Keir Apperley


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