Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Safety first - indoor velodrome users - including at CCH's alternate Tuesday sessions

Two club riders have slipped down the banking during the CC Hackney alternate Tuesday sessions at the Lea valley Velodrome; one of these 'slides' caused a broken bone & abraisions to the rider behind the other resulted in abrasions only. Both collisions could have caused worse consequences, both could have been avoided. These unexpected drops have happened because riders were riding the type of dual compound tires as pictured above.
Ahead of participating in velodrome training sessions do check this comprehensive safety notice that The national Cycling Centre's (Manchester Velodrome) has published:

Safety Information

Safety Information and Rider Conduct
The session Coach should stress the need for safety and good practice with the riders under their charge at all times. The following notes are for guidance and should be followed by the Coach as well as the riders:
  • Do not eat within 2 hrs of a training session.
  • Riders must not spit or clear their nose onto any surface within the Velodrome. It costs £8.00 in time and materials to clean up bodily fluids on each occasion. If you are feeling sick please remove yourself from the track area if possible, as the session may be cancelled if any part of the track area is contaminated, and needs specialist cleaning.
  • Track mitts must be worn to reduce injury risk on any contact or impact – and can also be used to wipe your nose! If you have a rear pocket in your jersey, take a handkerchief or tissue with you to clear your nose or throat, and be careful when you take your hand off the bars!
  • Riders must not eat or chew gum whilst on the track, and must dispose of any gum appropriately.
  • Riders must wear two layers of clothing above the waist (a tee shirt and cycling top are ideal, or two tee shirts). Shoulders must be covered, so singlet vests and triathlon vests or suits are not allowed. If you are hiring Velodrome shoes you must wear socks, and it is good practice anyway as it prevents chafing. Do not wear jewellery, a watch or wrist heart rate monitor.
  • Riders cannot change clothes in the track centre, and if removing a jersey or Lycra top must wear an under vest. Changing rooms are available.
  • If your helmet has a peak fitted, it must be removed. No other fixings to helmets are allowed, including light(s), cameras and mascots. Cleats should be unworn and in good clean condition.
  • When not on the track riders should wear warm clothing.
  • Riders must not ride up or down on the ramp, must not ride in the riders "D" or on the track centre floor.
  • No drinks are to be consumed or taken onto the blue safety zone – keep them on the ramp or in the riders "D", using the bottle storage provided.
  • Do not walk from the riders "D" to the changing rooms in cycling shoes with cleats.
  • Riders should not ride outside the Velodrome and then bring the bike back in as this brings more dirt onto the track surface.
Specification of a Manchester Velodrome bike:
Track bikes must have a fixed wheel, 165mm cranks, and 280mm (11") bottom bracket height (measured from floor to centre of bottom bracket), no braze ons, and must have track ends. Coaches must advise riders to check their own bikes before taking to the track, including: tyres, chain tension, wheel nuts. If a "fixie" bike is used, that matches the measurements above, and has braze ons or cast cable or gear stops, they must be padded with foam and taped over with insulating tape
Use Continental, Schwalbe, Tufo or Vittoria clinchers or tubulars (black tread only), 21 mm or wider. Tyres must be inflated to 8 bar (119psi), and the pressures, and tyre condition checked regularly. Do not use Michelin tyres or any dual compound tyres or tyres with coloured treads. Other tyres and tubulars may in future be recommended after analysis. Do not use tub tape to fix tubulars to sprint rims – use proprietary rim cement.
  •  Do not use brand new tyres on the track without first preparing them thus; rub the surface with alcohol or white vinegar or other degreaser before use. Ride the first three laps on the Cote d’Azure or bottom of track.
  • No spare sprocket on double rear hub.
  •  Bar ends must be fitted, and secure in handlebars.
  • No quick release spindles. Wheel spindles should not extend beyond the track nuts, front and rear, and should be sawn off flush with the nut, and filed smooth.
  •  Recommended gears for novices, and all riders on taster sessions - 84" gear adults, 74" for 9 -12 year olds.
  • The gearing on Velodrome hire bikes range from 72.6" (44 x 15) to 83.9" (50 x 16).
  • Gearing for all endurance SQT’s, including Madison and Derny, shall be restricted to a maximum of 88". It does not apply to Sprint or Sprint/Keirin SQT’s. However, youth accredited riders should ride a gear as per the relevant Youth category gearing in BC Technical Regulations.
PDF here 
The bulk of this text holds true for all indoor velodromes. If you need any more safety information specific to Lea Valley Velodrome please contact the Lea Valley Park

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