Thursday 20 September 2012

Cross Season Begins

Ned displaying amazing technique.

Harry, Ned and I headed of to Herne Hill for the preseason races just to get in some practise before the real racing starts. The people from Vicous Velo had made a fantastic course that went all around the velodrome and behind on the mtb course. This race was big for me as this was my first race as a U14. Ned I think had a great race apart from his crash. Harry was unfortunate to puncture on the last lap after a good start.
On the following week we went deeper into south London with the addition of Artie and Andy. The course at Bethlem Royal Hospital, was very fast and complex. Unfortunately Artie missed his race and rode up to U14 but had a fantastic race until he crashed in the last 5m but finished the race carrying his bike across the line in true X style! I had a great race, as I didn't crash. Ned had an amazing comeback after a mechanical in the first a hundred meters. Harry and Andy enjoyed their race while being bitten to bits by insects.
On Sunday Harry and I went up to Chelmsford for the Eastern Cross League to start the season in earnest, a hard, fast technical course had been laid on. Harry went first and did great..NO crashes. I did ok but not as well as I hoped just didn't have the stamina.

Harry avoiding insects.


CCH are members of the London X League; calendar and results can be found at so if you race these you could get League points!

To be part of the Eastern Cross League you have to join as an individual; details calendar etc;


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