Wednesday 1 August 2012

CCH ride to Women's Olympic Road Race

Lizzy on her way to Olympic silver - London 2012

Five CCH women Anna, Camille, Isobel, Liz  and Rachel and token male - Logan set off on a sunny sunday morning to ride the hills of north London before turning their attention to the Olympic Women's  Road Race. We headed up through Finsbury Park on through Stroud Green and Hornsey towards Alexandra Palace. After a couple of climbs there we headed over to Highgate and Swain's Lane where it started to rain a little bit. We then headed down into Soho to the new Rapha Cafe to watch the race. We couldn't hear the commentary and when it looked like Lizzie Armitstead might do something we headed down to Buck' house to see if we could get close enough to see anything through the crowds and rain. We ended up at the 500m to go spot in time to see the breakaway three of Anna Voss, Lizze and the Russian Olga Zabelinksaya and Briain's first medal of the games.

- Logan

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