Monday 23 July 2012

GB rider scores big win yesterday

Tao winning on the Cublington circuit.
CCH and GB rider Tao Geoghegan-Hart scored another great win in the 2012  Junior National Road Series down in Bath yesterday - Sunday 22nd July. Judging by the finish line photo above the win was by a pretty big margin.

Tao said afterwards - “That was hard! Just back from a track block and my legs haven’t been good since, really, but I’m getting there. My climbing legs are just taking a bit of time to come back, but they’ll be there. My calves were going a bit by the end.
“It was good for me that it was uphill at the end. It was a good race, actually – I like the course. It’s nice to be on lanes rather than dual-carriageways – the last round there were some big roads, so that was a real positive today.
“The first two times up the climb were real hard, so I was a bit worried. But people go backwards during the race, so you’ve just got to be a bit patient. On the long straight there was a bit of crosswind – but I was moaning the other week that we haven’t had a windy or sunny road race, so it’s nice to have a bit of both!
“I had a mechanical all day – every time I pushed on the chain was jumping, so I couldn’t get out of the saddle much today – maybe I should do that more often!
“Because it’s up and down all day the bunch can go real fast – the first break that went, we had 30 seconds and then - Bam! – we could see the bunch about a hundred metres back. So I went on my own for about 6km and then it came back together. And then a few little groups went and then me and Alex [Peters] went across. Everyone was working well – everyone was coming through – there was good respect from the riders.”
“[The final climb] It’s nice – it suits me. It’s a bit like Cadence at the start of the season. And Hugh was really strong at the end – hats off to him, he was real, real strong – we worked together well, but I was hurting at the end.”
Looking forward to the final round of the Series – the Tour of Wales – “We’ll see how it goes. It’ll be even harder with teams and juggling around… It should be OK. Hopefully I’ll get selected for the Worlds as well – that’s a big aim for the back part of the season.”

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