Monday 4 June 2012

Sunday 10th June - CCH heading down to Herne Hill Velodrome

All members and guests are welcome to join in the time we have booked at Herne Hill Velodrome (HHV) this coming Sunday 10th June. 6-8pm, this session will serve as an induction for those unfamiliar with fixed wheel riding at HHV and as a training opportunity for members who know already what and what not to do out on the track. Expect simulated races and the usual buzz of hacking around on the excellent new tarmac surface they have there.
A number of our club track bikes will be available as well as those belonging to HHV. The session will be run by our in house qualified L2 track coaches; Keir Apperley, Neil Irons and Harry Moore. 
Please arrange to be on site for 5.30pm at the latest, this is in time to get ready and warm up before the woman's training session finishes at 6pm. (CCH women could join in this one as well btw) Youth riders will take up the early part of the session to allow time to get home earlier ahead of school on Monday, with a tale to tell...
A convoy of vehicles should be going - drivers keep each other posted 

Fingers crossed for a rain free evening.

Fee - £2.99p 

An historic picture; sprint riders prepare to go, way back at HHV

Gripping and inviting, the new tarmac surface.

Team Great Britain cycling at Herne Hill Velodrome during the 1948 London Olympics

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