Monday 2 April 2012

Members day - great cake great attitude - what a jumble

The CCH Jumble scrum come road block last Saturday that was caused by Anna (in case there are any problems with the authorities)
But seriously, well done Anna Hart, Liam pelgrem, Prosper Watts and all the Jumble team for organising and delivering the jumble and recycling some great stuff. I just had to dive in for Tao's rear carbon Zip wheel sorry for any disappointed punters but hey. Many more useful deals were struck including young Henry Boeteng who replaced his 'S' (rear mech) for his hack bike on the spot.
Cake is something CC Hackney is good at - if there was a championship event for this we would be right up there - and I do mean the UCI world champs - yet again export grade and rapidly vanishing material was on display. Both of these initiatives raised useful funds for the cause.
Membership was well attended with nearly a hundred people turning up to become fully fledged - thanks again to Mick Smith and Giuliana Molinari who took care of this aspect of the day. Another ripple of applause is due for our youth volunteers, Neil Irons, Gary Boyd, Harry Moore and many more who were all on hand to help out during this busy day.

Cheers, Keir Apperley

 The last cake disappears all gone...
It seems we've taught some local church members a trick at their own game :)

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