Tuesday 13 March 2012

Red Bull MINI DROME for Sophie Powel

CONGRATULATIONS  (to CC Hackney rider Sophie Powel)
You have been selected to compete on the worlds smallest velodrome at 'Red Bull Mini Drome'

You will be qualifying in GROUP 9 and will need to be ready to register at 5pm, to ensure your track side for 5:30pm.
So please ensure you arrive on time to allow us to register you and for your bike check.
 If you are late you run the risk of being disqualified.

 We encourage you to turn up on time, register and support other competitors.
Red Bull Mini Drome event details

York Hall, 5-15 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9PJ

Saturday 17th March

Event format:
The qualifying round is broken into 14 groups of 15 riders. Each competitor will have 6 practise laps, before going straight in to one timed run over 10 laps. The fastest 50 riders over 10 laps will progress through to the finals on Sunday 18th, which will be a single pursuit knockout race format, commencing at from 3:00pm.

Red Bull Mini Drome track rules:
• Fixed Gear Bikes only
• No Gearing – Keep it small or you’ll ride off the wall
• No quick release. Bolts only
• Helmets must be worn
All riders must sign a Red Bull competitor disclaimer, print and fill this in before hand and bring along with you to ensure your space!

• Competitors will be disqualified if they don’t comply with the track rules
• Competitors are allowed two false starts per race before being disqualified

Thanks look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Red Bull Mini Drome Team
The CC Hackney away supporters club coaches will be leaving from HQ at....
...good luck Loafy, coaching tip - turn left at the end of each straight :)

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