Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lee Valley Youth CC Winter Series round up

The large field of U12s get underway
Last week saw no fewer than 26 of CCH youth  riders turn up in horrible conditions to race in the final round of LVYCC winter series at Hoghill. Well done to all of them - many of them racing for the first time - for giving it a go.

Stan concentrating on his race tactics.

First up in the Under 8s we had Stan- 5th, Milo - 12th, Oliver 13th and Robbie 16th. Stan played out a very tactical race to ensure his fourth place in the series only to find out the rider he'd been marking was the wrong one - the rider he'd meant to mark had been dropped already.
Elliot, Rueben, Dylan and Frank in the U12s

The Under 12s followed with a large field of 33 riders, where CCH made up nearly a third. Logan flew up the hill to come a close second followed by Bede - 11th, Sam -20th, Frank  - 21st, Louis - 23rd, Molly -3rd girl, Dylan - 28th, Rueben - 29th, Frank - 31st and Elliot.

Ewan in the U10s.

The Under 10s started just as the rain was getting heavier, this didn't stop Ewan from finishing 6th, followed by Kai - 8th, Finn - 15th, Harry -16th, Cosmo - 18th and Kay 20th.

Is it raining?

....I think it is ....

...It certainly feels a bit wet...

...Maybe if I keep my head down I can dodge the rain drops...
.. who cares if it is raining I need a drink...

The Under 14s and 16s had the worst of the weather in the longest race which seemed to produce a puncture or two every lap. Well done to them all for finishing especially Joe and Aminur in their first outing at U14 level. Alex came 8th in the U16s whilst in the U14s Mostyn - 10th, Ned - 12th, Jack - 19th,
Joe - 23rd and Aminur 24th.

Full results here.

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