Friday, 28 October 2011

Paris - Brest -Paris report

Patrick with his five jerseys from the Paris Brest

Patrick Field completed his fifth Paris-Brest in August. Paris-Brest - also known as PBP - is the oldest bike ride still in the calendar, it runs from the French Capital to the Breton coast, and back. When it started in 1891 PBP was a race. The first victory - for Charles Terront, riding for Michelin - boosted public acceptance of the pneumatic tyre and helped launch the modern World. Today PBP is a touring event run every four years. Riders have 90 hours to cover 1230 km, that’s 770 miles in three and three-quarter days. Near the front it's a very long, gruelling road race - the first riders finish in under two days - but for most of the 5,000 starters it's more a test of efficiency and road-craft.

Patrick being chased down by the other 4999 riders in the peleton.

Patrick says:- "The Paris-Brest is the most fun I've ever had on a bike.Towns and villages along the way are in festive mood with decorated old bikes hanging from trees and pop-up front-garden coffee stalls. People stay up all night just to watch you pass and cheer you on. Half the riders come from outside France so it's also a big, international party.2011 was my easiest ride so far. I wasn't worried about a personal-best and was always safely ahead of the elimination time. Experience helped me make good decisions - like when to ride and when to sleep - and I was in my comfort-zone almost all the way round. I aim to qualify again in 2015 and am confident I can extend my record." 

It's a good thing there isn't an elimination time on getting the report in though Patrick
- still - slowly slowly catchy monkey....

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