Monday 4 July 2011

London Youth Games 2011 report

Hackney came a very good 5th overall in this year's London Youth Games- to quote the team manager Keir Apperly the two times winners "may have lost the cup but we won the future". Keir was referring to the fact seven of the eight team members "rode up" in the two age categories - 13, 14, and 16 year olds in the Under 18's and three 11 year olds and a 13 year old in the under 16's.

Hackney turned up en masse with a large vocal support...

and some odd sights...

Bella started it all off for Hackney with a time of 4.23 before dashing off to compete in the swimming.

Bede set a time of 4.19.

Logan on his way to a 4.16.

Theo set a time of 4.20.

This was a huge gamble for the 2009 & 2010 champions to take however the team management focused on the word Youth in the competition title and decided this year's event would be used to develop a squad for the future.
Liam on his way to an 8.34 for 4 laps.

Ned gears up for his 9.54.

Louis on his flying 8.11.

Kyroah turning an 8.43.

All the squad members who turned out for the three trials over the spring, those who made it to France at half term and the team members and reserves who rode at Crystal Palace last saturday deserve all the credit due to them. All the riders times improved considerably as they put in serious efforts in training and racing - we're not just saying this - we've got the times and results to prove it -full results from saturday here.

Hackney's supporters racing from one part of the circuit to another to cheer their team on.

The team and club members, family and friends later had a party on saturday evening at Core Arts venue on Homerton High Street.

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