Sunday, 22 May 2011

CCH-Bulmer Road Race big success

The start of the 1st CCH road race at Bulmer

The CCH- Bulmer Road Race held on Saturday 21st of May was hailed as a great success by all involved - the riders loved the race and course, the ERRL and BC were impressed with the organisation of the event - see here - and the locals were more than pleased with the whole days events put on by CCH. A great big thank you then to everyone who made it happen.

So many CCH members and friends made it out to Bulmer to help set up the cyclist's breakfast and juniors event on the green -
some members then rode the course before the race

whilst others got busy setting up the catering at the HQ at AFC Sudbury's ground.

Many members were involved in setting up and marshalling the course

The racing took place in lovely countryside in very warm conditions

The winner Mark Howard of PCH - full results here.

All photos by Pete Mitchell - more here
if you have more photos of the event bring them into the club on cd.

Thanks to- in no particular order
Giuliana, Anna, Isobel, Liz, Silka, Louise, Liz, Sally, Fran, Lesley, Tina, Martine, Paul, Sean, Oliver, Gary, Dave, Peter, Joe, Fergal, David, Alex, Rhys, Clem, Prosper, Colin, Richard, Alex, David, Stephan, Ned, Artie, Bede, Logan, Jack, Frank, Fabio, Isaac, Kai, Cameron, Elliot, Leonard, Robbie, Edgar, Ruben, Morgan, Owen, Andy, Justin and Mick on behalf of the organisers - Keir, Harry & Neil.

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  1. As a local and a keen cyclist it was great to see this event on roads I regularly cycle. Good weather and organisation made this a great experience for the small bunch of us that came to watch. Well done CCH!


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