Friday 26 November 2021

New shipping container installed at Concorde

Friday 26th November 2021

This morning another 20' shipping container has been delivered to the Concorde Centre Youth Club yard.  This is to further meet cycling needs for the area of Clapton Park and Kingsmead estates. Our first one has been great but we've run out of room there. The extra space will make it possible to do cycle maintenance sessions and to store additional cycles - especially the right bikes to suit women and girls, the main reason for our Walking Cycling Grants London support. We also have assistance from Kings Park Moving Together who joined in to make it all work - these secure boxes aren't cheap these days.

This development makes our space a much better hub for cyclists. With access to cycle mechanic training and a meeting place to go on cycling trips and coaching sessions for all abilities and ages. A  launch pad for those
 heading into the Lea Valley Park and our local Velopark and velodrome, just across the Marshes, 10 minutes by bike from here. 


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