Thursday, 24 September 2020

CC Hackney & RJ Therapies - International Development Camp & Not Just Football

CC Hackney & RJ Therapies - International Development Camp & Not Just Football...and not just cycling either. 

As part of the ongoing relationship between Not Just Football and Hackney CC the creation of a cycling development pathway has always been one of the objectives.  

The intention being:

a)To develop young cyclists who want to and have the ability ride at a competitive level - whether it's international or domestic. 
b) To create vocational and educational pathways - which lead to work opportunities within the cycling industry/profession for those individuals who may not get the opportunity to race either professionally or at a competitive level. 

The rider development includes the creation of development camp, designed to create individuals who can compete at the highest possible level. This programme will also be targeting individuals who are of dual nationality/citizenship or persons of mixed heritage.  

If individuals become competent enough to race internationally but are not selected by team GB - other NGBs will be informed and cyclists can choose to race for another country of which they have family ties. Not Just Football intends to support these camps by providing sports science and medicine support for all the cyclists involved.

With reference to training and education - teaching sports science and sports therapy will help to create a generation of fitness, health, coaching, Soigneur and sports therapy professionals who can seek employment in the world of cycling.  In addition - training bike mechanics who can set up their own bike shop or travelling with pro teams  or even developing media/journalists skills to interview cyclists and other sports people are tangible career options.

Ricardo Johnson Director; RJ Sports Therapies Ltd & Keir Apperley; Manager CC Hackney

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