Tuesday 17 March 2020

Corvid 19 & Cycling Club Hackney

Dear members, friends and associates,

Based on our NGB's (national governing body) British Cycling's up to date information, advice and guidance; we have to suspend and postpone all of our club rides, activities and events with immediate effect. This civic position is set to last at least until April 30 with ongoing reviews. Our action is based on current government guidance for people to maintain social distancing, unnecessary travel, gatherings and contact with others: especially here in London. It's in order to minimise and/or prevent any Corvid 19 viral transmissions.
CC Hackney will continue to track NGB news and return to our activities as soon as as the conditions allow. CCH communications will be keeping you updated by WhatsApp, email and a new YouTube or Vimeo channel (get ready!) on a regular basis.
You can check the government advice at http://gov.uk/coronavirus
At this moment in time it's still possible to cycle outdoors solo or as a pair (at least 2 metres apart) but not in groups and certainly not as a CC Hackney club gathering.

Stay well, keep your spirits up for the duration, we will be functioning fully in good time.

Best wishes and thank you for your understanding support,

CC Hackney management

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