Wednesday, 3 April 2019

CCH & Venerdi launch bikes for Hackney's junior riders

The riders, Seyit of Venerdi and CC Hackney lead coaches outside Venerdi Restaurant 

CC Hackney held a launch event at their supporting restaurant Venerdi last Monday. Rebranded race bikes were issued on agreement to Haben Gebrehiwet & Okubit Tereke, two of our young members from Eritrea. During the session we were in discussion, looking at the idea of forming of a composite squad of riders into a team. A group to represent East London's demographic and be a part of the change towards sport for all in cycling. Let's see what happens with this. And locally a demonstration of young people working with a cycling club and a business to help realise their sporting ambitions. 

Haben & Okubit

Venerdi race bike 2
Venerdi 2 and Venerdi 1 racing bikes
Domonic, James, Zemi, Haben, Henry, Neil, Keir, Ricardo & Okubit

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