Monday 24 April 2017

CCHackney Road Race 2017 Great Thurlow report

CCHackney Road Race winner - Tom Elwood of CCLondon
22nd April 2017 - Great Thurlow

The Cycling Club Hackney round of this years ERRL took place on tight 3.9 mile circuit round the lanes of west Suffolk in near perfect conditions. Right from the start the race was animated with attacks coming thick and fast with the laps averaging 11 and half minutes. The rolling course with its two punchy hills made for fast racing -
"Thanks to you and everyone from CC Hackney who made it such a cracking day. Friendly, helpful and smiling, your team were superb, and the race itself was excellent. From the briefing the circuit sounded potentially sketchy , but it was absolutely fine and with its technical parcours and the short stingers, made for a good hard race." - Ossie Assem, Finchley Racing team,

CCH rider Charlie Scott in action
Riders  Christopher Thomas of East London Velo and Ross Fawcett of Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich started to pull out a lead, which are lap on lap with Thomas taking the first prime on lap 3.

Christopher Thomas of East London Velo and Ross Fawcett of Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich starts to gain a lead on the peloton.
By the second prime on lap 6 again taken by Thomas their lead had stretched to a minute and a half. It was looking like they wouldn't be reeled in. The CCH riders amongst others kept trying to form breaks to bridge to the leaders but with a team member up the road East London Velo marked every attempt.

Logan de Monchaux-Irons of CCH starting the climb to the finish line

Frank Moore of CCH trying to break away.

Calvin Cheung of CCH taking the turn at Wratting
Eventually one lone rider did move off the front in the 9th lap but with two laps remaining would he have enough time to catch up?

Tom Elwood of CC London pulling away from the bunch
Tom Elwood did seem to be gaining on the two leaders but still had plenty to do as he took the bell.

Elwood takes the corner to the finish hill in first place.
 He not only caught them he went straight past and attacked leaving then to solo in for the victory in fine style with Thomas coming second and Fawcett third. ELV showed strongly with Tom Beasley leading up the bunch sprint for fourth with Morris Bacon of Strada Sport coming fifth followed by a CCH duo of Logan and Charlie in 6th and 7th.

The 2017 CCHackney podium

Thank you to all the CCH members and friends who came out and volunteered their time. The feed back from the riders and the locals was overwhelmingly positive about the organisation - you helped make it such agreed event. Thanks must also go to Allan Loveday and his wife Susan who helped us with the HQ and parking at such short notice and stood in as caterers on the day. The catering raised £190 of which £100 is to be donated to Oncology Unit Addenbrookes Charitable Trust and £90 to Thurlow Sports Club funds which will go to refurbishment of the kitchen area. Also thanks to Tim Barlow and Thurlow estates for the us elf their yard for extra parking - this raised £45 towards the Thurlow church fund. Thanks to all the race officials , commissaires, marshals and convoy personnel without whom it couldn't happen. Finally thanks to Ian Doe and Derek Lusher from Eastern BC for all their help in getting the event on.

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